Students celebrate the 2015 Journalism Awards at mima


SAM Journalism awards/ mima

All the winners from the 2015 Journalism Awards held at mima.

Students have been honoured by lecturers and media professionals at the 2015 Journalism awards.

Hosted at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima),  Journalism students were given awards based on exceptional work produced during this  academic year.

There were a number of awards available that celebrated the skills learnt on the BA (Hons)Multimedia Journalism degree course, including News Reporter of the Year, Best Feature Writer and Blogger of the Year.

Prizes for the awards included a number of placements with the Evening Gazette, The Northern Echo and The Hartlepool Mail.

Other prizes included work experience at Sky Sports; The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine; The i; BBC Tees and the new TV station Made in Tyne and Wear.

Paul Bailey, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, at Teesside University’s School of Arts and Media  said:  “These awards recognise the hard work and excellent calibre of our current journalism students.

“I would like to thank all of the media organisations who generously contributed prizes to this celebration of our students’ achievements.”

A number of special academic awards were also given out, including the NCTJ Prize, for the student with the highest marks while training for the National Council of Journalism qualifications.

The prize was a week’s placement at the Mail on Sunday  in London.

Here are the highlights of the evening.

For the full list of winners, see below:

NCTJ Prize, sponsored by NCTJ and the Daily Mail – Jamie Crow.

Blogger of the Year, sponsored by O Communications – Hannah Dodsworth

Content Producer of the Year, Sponsored by Tangerine PR – Courtney Blakey

Best Final Project, sponsored by Teesside University– The North Crowd (Matthew Brown; Leonie Garlick; Jamie Crow and Adam Burford)

Feature Writer, sponsored by The Northern Echo – Jack Crute

Multimedia Journalist of the Year, sponsored by Evening Gazette – Rachel Russell

Community  Reporter of the Year, sponsored by Hartlepool Mail – Rebecca McPartland

Sports Reporter, sponsored by Sky Sports – Tom Robinson

Lifestyle Reporter, sponsored by Fabulous Magazine – Jemma Ferguson-Gale

Entertainment Reporter, sponsored by Narc Magazine – Matthew Brown

News Reporter of the Year, sponsored by The i newspaper – Leonie Garlick

Broadcast Journalist of the Year, sponsored by BBC Tees – Lucy Moody

Video Journalist of the Year, sponsored by Made in Tyne and Wear – Jamie Crow and Natalie Devonshire (tie)

Communications and PR Campaign of the Year, sponsored by Teesside University’s Department for External Relations – Beth Dean

Special Recognition Award, sponsored by mima – Jodie Lightfoot; Sophie Finnegan and Demi Cornforth.

Outstanding Contribution to Campus Life Award, sponsored by Teesside University – Matthew Jones; Nathan Lee; Rebecca Connolly; Hannah Dodsworth and Keri Guymer.

Award for passing 100wpm shorthand, sponsored by Teesside University – Matthew Brown; Nathan Lee; Jodie Lightfoot; Ryan Sullivan-Hunt; Sophie Finnegan and Rachel Dye.


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Dylan Moran returns to Middlesbrough

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook Tour

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook Tour

THE FAMOUS stand up comedian and script writer Dylan Moran returns to Middlesbrough to perform his distinct brand of hilariously absurd comedy at Middlesbrough Town Hall this Friday.

The comedian who is perhaps best known for playing the character Bernard Black, in the BAFTA winning Channel 4 television series Black Books, is about to embark on his new UK tour ‘Off The Hook’ which will end in October of this year. The program Black Books which was written by Moran himself, portrayed Bernard Black as an apathetic, grumpy, drink sodden bookshop owner who is begrudgingly accompanied by his two equally strange but amusing friends Manny (Bill Bailey) and Fran (Tamsin Greig).

Moran’s character in the series is not a character worlds away from himself. A scruffy haired, world-weary Irishman forever holding a lit cigarette in one hand, and an ever present glass of wine in the other. The show became something of a cult comedy, adored by Dylan Moran fans alike, he also featured in Pegg and Frost’s Shaun of the Dead.

If there is one stand up comedy performance I’m personally unlikely to forget its Moran’s stand up performance ‘Monster’ recorded in his native Ireland, Dublin during 2004. The show which is available to buy on DVD, perfectly captures his highly cynical but hilarious outlook on life. The performance tainted with wine and cigarette smoke, bizarre anecdotes, and life experiences offers up a warm, cultured and perfectly unique comedy experience.

This will be the second time Dylan Moran has performed in Middlesbrough, his last performance took place during his 2009 ‘What It Is’ tour. I attended his previous life performance at Middlesbrough during that tour, an amazing performance it was, the best live stand-up comedy I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing to date.

Dylan Moran will perform this Friday the 24th of April at Middlesbrough Town Hall. For more information visit the online box office here.


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Teesside University graduate makes a career in the Bollywood film industry.

photograph taken during Muhammad's graduation.

Muhammad Shoaib and his family

 A FORMER Teesside University student, Muhammad Shoaib has made his first big break into the film industry working for one of Pakistan’s major Bollywood film companies.

Tside spoke to  former Media Studies student Muhammad Shoaib to get the run down on his amazing experiences working abroad as an
assistant director for Mehroz Karim Films


So what’s life like working for Mehroz Karim films?

Muhammad: It’s a great experience to working for a production company like Mehroz Karim Films.  After working for them for several months now, I realize there is much to learn after securing a degree to. When you get your degree it’s a lot like having a key to open many doors in the future, keep that in mind. 

What are some of the films you have worked on during your time at Mehroz Karim Films? 

Muhammad: During the last three months of working I have done one Urdu drama series named Aye Zindage. I acted as Assistant Director for that particular program which is on air now on one of Pakistan’s leading entertainment channels Hum TV.  For my next project I will be heading to shoot at Kashmir Valley to start a new drama series I am not permitted to talk about. 

What were the company interested to see, when you were asked for an interview?

Muhammad: Firstly they really appreciated the fact that I had completed a quality degree abroad which is obviously not an easy task. Secondly they were interested in someone who knew much about production and other processes in order to support them in every department. I had learned almost all of these skills during my time at Teesside University while attending my Media Studies course. The course taught me everything I needed to know such as for example Script Writing, Research and Development, Production, Direction and  Sound Recording.

How was your time at Teesside University? Did you think the resources were useful for preparing people for a career in the industry?

Muhammad: I strongly believe that Teesside University is a well-organized, strong and bright organization for those who want to pursue a career in the media industry.

What advice would you give to your fellow Teesside University students who are looking to purse a similar career in the industry?

Muhammad: Practice makes everything perfect.  Always stay focused in what you are interested in order for you to further your career doing something you love.

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The Internet’s Own Boy: Film Review

ilm Title: The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
Publisher: FilmBuff, Participant Media, Luminant Media
Release Date: 27/06/2014
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5



The Internet’s Own Boy is an American documentary film, written, filmed and produced by Brian Knappenberger, which focuses on the life of the late political activist and software programmer, Aaron Swartz.

Aaron Swartz was gifted from a very early age, using computers at the age of six, before going on to develop his own software programs from scratch.

By the age of 14, he was awarded by Harvard University, and Swartz went on to help create RSS, the ubiquitous tool that allows users to subscribe to online information.

Ahead of his time, Swartz created a website that looked strikingly similar to one of the internet’s most viewed websites today, Wikipedia and a database where anyone could upload and edit articles of information, years before Wikipedia went live.

Soon after Swartz went on to help market and distribute creative commons, which benefited publishers and authors everywhere around the world, and still do today.

As the film progresses, its clear that Swartz had always felt passionate about information and the public’s free and civil right to liberate themselves by gaining knowledge and questioning those who dictate what information is fed to them.

Aaron Swartz attending a peaceful protest in Washington DC.


The film documents Swartz’s rise to internet folk hero, covering his desire to make valuable public information free and accessible.

These issues are still relevant today with public access being restricted in most third world countries and freedom of information still a major issue, especially in America. Journalists are expected to pay for information on key federal cases, something that the American media have been quick to criticize.

The film is a harrowing tale of the oppressive forces that be. The narrative takes you on an emotional journey, showing Swartz’ metamorphosis from acclaimed child computer prodigy into a world-leading-hacktivist. This juxtaposition leads to a Shakespearean twist of fate, which in turn, ultimately lead to Swartz unjust end.

Swartz, whose tireless work and campaigning reshaped the internet and clarified copyright law, became something of a martyr for freedom of information in America. When proceedings were active the federal government built up a case file, the four state felony charges that Swartz was originally charged with soon rose to 14.

As a result, Swartz found himself in an ever more hopeless situation, facing a possible 35 years in prison if found guilty. Before Aaron could put forward his defense at trial, he was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment, after committing suicide.

It is a tragic ending to a life that had so much potential for political change, it leaves you wondering why Swartz chose to end things this way. Furthermore it beckons the question, why was he ever considered an enemy of the state, when all he did was seek to educate the masses and give greater transparency to Government policy.

Made up of home videos, news footage, interviews and heartfelt testimonies from family and close friends. The Internet’s Own Boy builds a stunning portrait of Swartz and his legacy. It is perhaps one of the finer documentaries I’ve seen in recent years.

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Grazie Italia… We’ll be back! :Post from Tees Made

Product design students recently returned from an epic study trip to Italy and we thought we’d share a few moments with you.

Arriving in the Italian style capital, you can’t fail to be impressed by Milan.

Day 1 started with a trip to the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci”… The Science Museum to the likes of me and you!   This is where I caught this lovely snap of our students in the Da Vinci Gallery which had intricate models of the great man’s many inventions.   The Science museum is on my must see list.


We then headed to the city centre for lunch and the Duomo di Milano (the cathedral).   What a building!

20150317_153617_resized 20150317_163446_resized

It’s difficult to believe that they started building it in 1386 and only finished construction in 1965!… and now they are having to renovate the old bits! :-/

Having been awestruck by the interior, many of us climbed the all too many steps to the roof.   Another photo opportunity amongst the spires of white and pale pastel marble.   You can see the mix of old and new.   The views were spectacular.

And afterwards, a walk around the designer fashion shops in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II followed by a beer (or two) in the city centre overlooking the Duomo.   And yes…, those are 1 litre glasses (just don’t ask the price!)


Day 2 and we headed south to the Ferrari factory and museum.

We started the day with an escorted tour of the Ferrari test track and factory before visiting the museum.

The whole experience was fascinating from some of Ferrari’s classic racing cars to the stunning La Ferrari and of course, a Ferrari simulator!   The students took a group Selfie but I quite like my perspective on it.

20150318_132515_resized 20150318_142646_resized

After Ferrari, we spent the evening in Bologna, a walk around the old town piazzas followed by some great, authentic Italian food.   We took over the entire restaurant!

Day 3 saw us head for the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Museum director, Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of Ferruccio, gave us a personal tour of the museum.

Fabio had some great anecdotes about his uncle.   Our thanks to Fabio for bringing the entire Lamborghini story so vividly and passionately to life.

From tractors, to air conditioning, the “Popemobile” to the very beautiful Miura we heard all about the ground breaking innovations and the “genius of Ferruccio”



Lambo_02 Lambo_03

It was quite a road trip.   An unforgettable and inspirational experience for all.

I am reminded that Enzo Ferarri once said “If you can dream it, you can do it”

At Teesside, we believe that too….

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