Music Society strikes the right chord for young talents

Teesside University Music Society calls the tune for any student who is interested in making music. The society is looking for new members and has no restrictions on any instrument, genre or ability.


Social Secretary Adrian and Darren the Head of the Society

The society offers a variety of practice rooms for its members to enable them perform as loud as they want. The ability to jam with people from a different musical background is one of the advantages of the society.

Being member is great for networking and enables you to meet new people. If you wanted to form a band, it is possible to recruit new members, set up gigs and get an insight in Middlesbrough’s music scene.

The society is already part of a network that provides the opportunity to host gigs within Middlesbrough and Teesside area to its members.

The variety of the instruments within the society is great. No matter if guitars, drums, violins or trumpets, the society has members with a diversity of musical talents that are keen on passing on their knowledge.

The society offers to teach any new instrument, if none of the members is able to teach the instrument, the society tries to get some talents that can teach newbies.

If you are an expert or advanced with your instrument, the society can be your platform to start helping newbies and to gather your first experience of teaching.

Meetings are held on a Friday evening 6-9pm in the Constantine building, in the societies meeting room CG.24, other rooms available too, to enable both individual and groups to practice as a band.

Tside reporter Daniel Vinzens went behind the scenes of one of the jam sessions to meet Darren Linton, the head of the Teesside Music Society.

Check out the radio interview to find out more about the Music Society:


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Diamant Reiserute…: Post from Tees bit on the side

…otherwise known as the Diamond Itinerary!

Here are the highlights from our globe-trotting tutor’s (Marcus Diamond) recent Norwegian adventure:

• Delayed internal flight in Norway due to industrial action – (tick)
• A chocolately cheese (Gudbrandsdals Ost)/herring breakfast by candlelight – (tick)
• Noticing the lovely branding for Norwegian trains – (tickets please)
• Viewing ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch – (tick)
• Catching up with TU graduate, Kristine Juvik, facilitating an obligatory tour of Oslo – this time of Vigeland Park and the National Theatre – (tick)
• Arrive back in UK to a strangely completely empty airport – (tick)… and on time – (tock)
Stranger already sat in the back of my pre-booked taxi – (ticked off)

Oh, and in between a lot of work – including delivering 3 talks at Kristiansand, Bergen and Oslo, and talking to potential students and also staff. As always, many thanks to Noroff for their hospitality – (tickety-boo)

from Tees bit on the side