Purple Pig – Boro’s Burger Joint!


DELICIOUS: The Bacon Deuce Burger

DELICIOUS: The Bacon Deuce Burger

PURPLE Pig is a burger and cocktail bar situated at the heart of Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough.

It’s unique atmosphere and laid-back style makes it a perfect place for students and couples wanting a quick bite to eat.

It’s also played host to the celebrity guest DJ Craig Charles, who played a funk & soul night there last month!

This amplifies the kind of place Purple Pig is, as it’s a very chilled and great place to drink as well as eat.

They have some really fun offers for customers which include…”Students half price sides any time of the day”, “Bring your ginger pal in & get a trough of 8 beers for £20 between 5pm – 7pm & all day Saturday”, “Wear purple undergarments and get one barman’s special cocktail”,”10% off with a blue light card or with Borough council I.D.”

The menu has lot to choose from, with several different types of burgers and hotdogs to tantalise your tastebuds. They also have a daily specials board, which is always a sign of a good food joint!

For people with a larger appetite, they offer “The Pig Out Challenge”. which consists of Supersized Notorious Pig Tex Dog, Dirty Corn, Piggy Smalls, Chilli Fries, Kitchen Special Sundae and the Milkshake of the Week.

If you finish the challenge, you get 25% off lifetime discount but if you don’t you are asked to pay £35 for the shame!

It was tough choice to decide what to eat but I eventually went for the Bacon Deuce Burger, which was two 40z burgers served on a brioche bun with melted jack cheese, 2 rashers of bacon, honey bbq sauce, cos lettuce and baconaise.

The burger also came stabbed with sweet potato wedges and homemade fries. I ordered a side of purple slaw, which went brilliantly inside the burger and had a great refreshing taste. The burger itself was fantastic – it was full of flavour and different textures and was nothing like I’ve had before.

CHOICE: Everything Purple Pig has to offer!

CHOICE: Everything Purple Pig has to offer!

The service was quick and prompt and as soon as I sat down I was offered the drinks menu, while the waiter took my order.

My drink was served within two minutes and my food didn’t take longer than 15 minutes either. All the serving staff were very attentive, offering condiments as soon as the meal was served.

The waiter’s were also very helpful on describing the menu, offering great knowledge and recommendations as well.

After the meal I was absolutely full! You definitely won’t be left hungry after one of those burgers, and despite the desserts looking so good, I just couldn’t fit one in!

After a well-needed rest, I eventually asked for the bill and was very pleasantly surprised with how much it all came to.

For me and my friend, it came to just over £25 and we had had a burger each, a drink each and two sides.

Even on a student budget, this place is easily affordable and the dining experience is a lot different to anywhere else you may go.

Its unpretentious food and generous portions make it a must visit in Boro!


BIG BITE: Me enjoying my awesome burger.

BIG BITE: Me enjoying my awesome burger.





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Canadian comic sensation Katherine Ryan heads to Boro

MIDDLESBOROUGH Town Hall welcomes Canadian comic sensation Katherine Ryan on May 16th.


HILARIOUS- The Glam Role Model star

The star of such shows as 8 Out of 10 Cats and Live at the Apollo, will bring her Glam Role Model tour to Boro on the back of a whirlwind year for the comic, which has seen her take her brand of dry comedy as far as Australia.

Ryan has definitely cemented her place as a household name in British comedy, and she is sure to get the crowd laughing at the Town Hall.

The 31 year old cut her teeth in comedy whilst attending open mic nights back in the States, which she claims was just another form of personal entertainment. The blonde comedy bombshell also used to fill her time by working at legendary American bar and diner Hooters.

She made her first British comedy appearances on shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Have I got News for You- but it was her hilarious guest appearance on BBC’s Live at the Apollo which saw her burst into the limelight.

She made some hilarious quips about female empowerment including a particularly funny skit of pop royalty Beyonce.

Ryan is not afraid to cross boundaries with her comedy, which leads to her being very much like Marmite, you either love her or hate her! But looking at the success of her latest tour, you would have to say the majority love her.

Tickets for the night are £14.50 – a small amount to see one of the best young talents in the business. They are available via Ryan’s website, http://ift.tt/Xe8jqL and also at the Middlesbrough Town Hall box office.

It would appear Middlesbrough truly is an emerging hotbed of comedy.


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Learn To Speak Swahili

Swahili is the national language of Tanzania.

It is also spoken in most of the East and Central African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Swahili is spoken as first language by about 2 million people, however it is spoken as second and third language by more than 100million people worldwide.

It is also becoming a Lingua franca of East Africa and most other countries in Central Africa.

Swahili is said to be the easiest African language to be learnt by English speakers as many words in Swahili language had been influenced by Arabic and English language in their formation. Apart from that it has no lexical tone just like English language and you read out Swahili words just like how they are written. All these things give you reasons for learning how to speak Swahili language.

There are various places where you can learn Swahili in the Great Britain for example in some universities such as Stanford University which has been teaching Swahili in the department of linguistics for over 20 years.

Eva Mwambene, who is an International student at Teesside University, teaches some of the basics of speaking Swahili language.

Click on the video below to learn how to say few things such as hello!, i love you, dad, mom, brother and sister

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Teesside Student’s Charity Vintage Fair


Just some of the vintage themed stock on offer.

ATeesside University student arranged a Vintage Fair for charity.

Alex McCormack, 21, of Middlesbrough arranged the fair in order to raise money for Teesside Hospice, which relies heavily on community fundraising events.

The event itself took place in Mink Bar, Middlesbrough, and was an evening of wonderful vintage styles with stalls dedicated to fashion, vinyl, hair styling, and a charming assortment of odds and ends.

Miss McCormack, currently studying Broadcast Media Production, said: “Last year we held an event for another charity which was really successful and that made me feel like I wanted to go into events after University.”

“I thought the best bet for me was to do an event for my final University project, which was a bit risky because apparently no one has ever done it before.

“I’ve had a nightmare stressing and because it’s for charity and you can’t pay your acts yourself so a lot of them do drop out, I had one drop out on me yesterday and another one a few hours ago.

It’s a lot about improvisation but so far there’s a lot of people here which fills me with confidence.”


The Evenings compère, Katt Mudd and Alex McCormack.


Mink Bar quickly filled up as the evening continued and despite any no-shows the crowd was enthralled by a vocal performance from Claire Louise and a burlesque show by Mademoiselle Boo.

The event generated most of it’s charity revenue through a £5 entry fee and a raffle for vintage style homeware, cosmetics, clothing and a set of Elvis records.

In total the event raised roughly £300 for the Teesside Hospice.


Mink Bar decked out in vintage styles



The stalls ranged from hair styling to jewelery.








Debbie Coulson, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator for Teesside Hospice, Middlesbrough, said: “Alex got in touch with us and let us know that she was hosting the event.”

“The hospice relies heavily on community events, it costs the hospice £2.4m a year to fund the service and we’re only part funded by the NHS so we have to raise around £4,900 each and every day of the year to keep the hospice open.”

“It’s only with the support of people like Alex and events like this that we can do that.

“It’s absolutely fantastic, Alex and her friends have done it all on their own we’ve just provided a little bit of support and advice when she needed it but it’s all her work. We’re so pleased that it’s been a success.”


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Students help people to smile.

A group of Teesside University Studnst took to middlesbrough Town entre to try and make people happy.

The group of postgraduate students launched a campiagn – called ‘Smiling Heroes’ – to get people smiling and beat depression.

The group held a live event inthe Cleveland Centre opposite the Debenhams store.



From left to right, Eva Mwambene, Naser Jaradat and Umeora Chukwudubem making final preparations before the live event at Cleveland center.


The group offered  people free balloons, sweets, flowers and flyers with information on raising awareness of depression and how to overcome such a state by developing new habits such as positive attitude and enjoying the best things in life.

Umeora Chukwudubem, who is one of the four Smiling Heroes, said: ” Although today is kind of a cloudy day and the weather is not very conducive  we have managed to spread the flyers to about 150 people and made hundreds of them smile”

He Niu, who is also one of the ‘Smiling Heroes’, said: “This idea of letting people write down things which make them smile is very nice. People respond positively and this makes them smile.”


Passerby s signing on Chukwudubem’s T-shirt


The event took place from 11am-5pm with  shoppers signing on white and yellow T-shirts which were then worn by the Smiling Heroes.

The Smiling Campaign is a campaign which targets all the members of Teesside University and Middlesbrough Community as well as social media users all over the world.

It aims at encouraging people to smile more and also raising awareness of Depression. The motto of this campaign is ‘The Best Things in life Are Free, Smile Middlesbrough It begins with you!’


He Niu ( on the left) and Eva Mwambene ( on the right) with some of the passerbys who stopped to write down things which make them smile


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Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum shows film on Nazi horrors.


A special exhibition has been set up to show the horrors a Teesside soldier encountered when he helped liberate Belsen concentration camp in WW2.

Eddie Straight, from Salturn, was with British troops in 1945 when they liberated the Nazi concentration camp and witnessed the horrors on show.

A temporary exhibition  at the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough includes a 30 minute documentray about Eddie called ‘To Hell and Back’.


A flyer with details of the film at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


The short film shows  94 -year- old Eddie’s involvement in the liberation  and his interview with Craig Hornby who is the film maker.

Phil Philo, who is in charge of Service Management and Exhibitions Programming at the Dorman Museum said: “We decided to show this film here because in this month we do heroes commemoration in Britain.”

“I feel very uplifted by the achievement of the man and what he went through and what he does to help people. But it is very sad to me to see what people do to other people. It’s horrific! It’s horrible!.”

A display of a Dinosaur at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


David O C’onnor, who  watched the film said: “Corpses, bodies, you see a lot of things on television and  on news but I think this is possibly the first time you ever see them in this depth.”

There are many things to see at this temporary exhibition not just the 30 minutes film, but also a display of many images by the award winning photographer, Ian Forsyth, and many other fantastic Middlesbrough and England heritage throughout history.

The scenes range from captivating skulls of people who lived in the past centuries to beauty and domestic utensils that were used in the past decades.

A display of old days domestic utensils at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


The temporary exhibition will be taking place until  June 28 and the film is shown at the museum as part of the exhibition every Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Dorman Museum which is by Middlesbrough’s Stewart Park.

Click on the video below to find out more:

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What’s the state of Women’s rugby in the North East?

It’s less than six months until the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the excitement is starting to build. In total there have been over 5 million applications for tickets.

In the North East the only available tickets for the three matches at St James Park are £115 and £150 for Samoa vs Scotland.

So is the current excitement about the tournament which begins in September having any impact on women’s rugby?

Last year England women’s team won the Rugby World Cup in France, and won the BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year award.

A number of England’s squad including the Captain Kate Mclean play for Mowden Park, which has the site of a World Record attempt for the World’s Largest Haka, as well as England v Scotland women’s six nation’s which was watched by over 7,500 spectators.

Joanna Brown is a student at Teesside University and plays for Mowden Park rugby club.

She says the tournament will have a positive impact on women’s rugby.

She said: “I think that winning the World Cup was a massive boost in the first instance, I know a lot of my girls hadn’t even heard of Rugby before they came to this University, and the Men’s world cup gets so much more TV attention then the women’s world cup.”

“Hopefully some of the girls will watch it and think, oh I might give that a go”.

The sports student also added: “The best way for women to get into Rugby is to just look up their local club, see if they’ve got a girls or ladies squad or attend the University rugby training sessions.

Paul Geehan, the Director of Rugby at Sunderland University said:  “There are three league playing sides in Durham, with 30 players each will increase to 5 teams next year, and in Durham alone there are six sides through the different age levels.

“This has all happened in the last three years and with the numbers increasing the game will prosper”.

Heather Kerr, one of Joanna Brown’s teammates at Darlington,  said: “I think that people having the opportunity to support their home nation on home turf is always a massive deal  it means that the spectator part of the sport gets more accessible”.

“It means young girls or even adults can see quite how far the sport has come and what can be achieved”.

Womens Rugby article

Heather Kerr, one of six Mowden Park players in the 42-13 victory against Scotland in Darlington on March 13th



She also added about the world record attempt on the 25th March that: “Any event that publicises rugby and allows participation of those that are fans of rugby but not necessarily sportsmen or women is extremely important”.

Lee Truss, the Managing Director of Mowden Park said that: “I think that Women’s Rugby is really growing as a sport and I think that event’s like this (The Haka world record attempt) and the game that we had here (England v Scotland Women’s Six Nations) are a great way of growing the sport within the community”.

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The new exhibition on the Titanic opens.

A special exhibition has been set up to mark the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

T0 mark the 103th  anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Merseyside Maritime Museum is holding the  exhibition with free entry from  March 27  to  December  31 2015.

The exhibition is part of the Liverpool and the World exhibition series, part-funded by the European Union.

The exhibition gives a unique insight into events surrounding the launch, voyage, the sinking and its aftermath, at the same time exploring  Liverpool’s central role in the Titanic story.

It also focusses on  eight survivors, who were from different social classes, and a sailor through display items and videos.

The highlights of the exhibition includes the only known surviving first class ticket for the Titanic, letters from passengers and many photos, including J Bruce Ismay and crew survivors returning to Liverpool.

What’s more, the unique insights also contain an original copy of the British inquiry proceedings, original Harland and Wolff lifeboat blueprints and telegrams from the rescue ship Carpathia.

Jasmine, one of visitor said: “It was an interesting exhibition. I did not know much about the Titanic and its links to Liverpool.”

Coco, a Chinese student from Liverpool University, had seen an exhibition about the Titanic when she was in China.

“It was  a completely different exhibition from China. Through the introduction of some key personalities, I have learnt more about the Titanic story.” she said.

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Experience, Participate, Share: Post from Tees bit on the side

On Monday we started the week with a guest lecture from Derek Yates, Programme Leader of BA Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art, and co-author of Communication Design, published by Bloomsbury. The lecture gave a great insight into the skill-sets required to succeed in an ever changing communication environment, and ideas shaping contemporary practice. Derek’s book carefully considers this, with input from key thinkers and industry practitioners.

Many thanks again to Derek.

Derek Talk 1

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