YouTube Takeover

A few years ago YouTube was just a growing community of people passionate about making videos.

The site is improving more and more with a huge amount of users creating channels and watching different content.

The people behind the biggest channels are now viewed as celebrities and attend YouTube gatherings like Vid Con, Summer in the City and Playlist Live, which allows millions of fans to meet their idols.

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Being a successful YouTuber is helping people like Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Dan & Phil, KSIolajidebt and many more become successful, and enabling them to branch out beyond YouTube videos by publishing books, presenting, and releasing music

The people listed above and many more, have succeeded in dominating the web and are now attempting to take over mainstream music and television.

Pewdiepie is a gamer and has one of the most popular channels on YouTube with 36,267,311 subscribers. 

He stated: “When I started my YouTube channel in 2010, I never imagined that one day it would be the most subscribed channel in the world and that I would be a part of such a great community,”

Because of the large amount of subscribers, top YouTubers now have the power to target a huge audience and are able to reach millions of people with just a short video. This could affect mainstream media a lot due to the fact that they are receiving more views than certain types of television programmes.

Six or seven years ago if you had told someone that being a YouTuber would be a valid career choice and that being vloggers and ‘online personalities’ could make you famous, many people would have been uncertain about it.

Teesside University now include a media landscape lesson which teaches you how to successfully create a YouTube channel.

Many people who were asked about choosing to be a YouTuber as a career agreed, saying that the money is good and you get the chance to travel and meet new people.

Nowadays more YouTubers are making television appearances and are receiving movie premier invitations.

Each YouTuber has their own genre and they know what their audience wants. Whether they are beauty vloggers, gamers or travel vloggers.

Dan Howell, 23, aims his videos at the younger generation and is the first to create his own channel trailer:

KSIolajidebt plays Fifa for a living and also collaborates with his own YouTube gaming group the Sidemen. The 21 year old has now released a new rap single featuring famous rapper P Money.

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YouTubers can earn up to £4000 per mention of a product in a video.

The song is about the YouTubers lamborghini, which proves that many content creators are earning a lot of money off their videos from sponsorship and product placement.

Aswell as boasting about his car, the gamer takes pride in smashing laptops, game consoles and chairs in his videos, which leaves a list of comments by people wondering how he affords to do this.

Vloggers get a cut of the revenue from advertising displayed on their content. This type of earning capacity has gone up 60% in the last year, mainly thanks to mobile phones, according to Sara Mormino, a director at YouTube.

“If you have a very strong passion for a particular area, be it beauty, fashion, tech or gaming, I’d give it a shot,” she says.

Sara believes the UK is one of the global leaders in vlogging and many rank among the top earners globally.

With the all the money earned from videos and appearances in traditional entertainment its no surprise that more and more YouTubers will be taking over non-traditional media in the future.

At the beginning of YouTube, most videos produced for the site didn’t have great cameras or equipment, the editing was not always the best and making videos from your webcam was acceptable.

If you look at content today you can see the difference with special lighting and HD cameras.

Due to the fact that many people on the site are becoming well-known YouTube have decided to dedicate a rewind special every year to all viral videos, including the biggest YouTube stars and base the short video off an entire years worth of news, music and movies.

The most recent YouTube Rewind received 89,117,523 views so far:

This video shows just how big the YouTube community is and how the trend to document your life has spread worldwide, showing YouTubers from all different cultures and backgrounds.

It also proves that the top YouTubers can impact an audience with a single video, which could be useful for larger media organisations when it comes to sharing their content.

YouTube also celebrated its 10th birthday this year which gave users a chance to share their favourite viral videos throughout the years, which obviously included the first YouTube video to be published.

The first video showed a 25 year-old at the zoo. He posted the 19-second clip titled “Me at the Zoo” on 23 April 2005, which was filmed at San Diego Zoo’s elephant enclosure.

YouTube has now become a global phenomenon with over one billion users and 300 hours of video uploaded onto the site every minute.


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