Tside goes behind the scenes of a film set

Ocean Heaven is a short movie produced by Susie Wang. The film’s design and production lasted about three months and used locations in Whitby and Saltburn.

The movie tells a beautiful and unfortunate story of a little girl missing her deceased father.

Tside Reporter He  Niu went behind the scenes of  Ocean Heaven  to meet the team behind the film.

Director Susie Wang  and actress in a leading role

Director Susie Wang and actress Robin in a leading role

Susie Wang, a TV and Film Production student studying in Teesside University, is the director of Ocean Heaven.

She wears many hats, not only is she  Director, but she is alos Screenwriter, Director of Photography and the Editor.

Susie does everything from  writing  the screenplay, choosing locations and cast, shooting to editing.

But how did she come up with the idea for the film?.

Susie said:”One day I saw a little girl holding a plastic bag with three little goldfish.”

“She pointed at the fish and said the biggest is dad, that is mom and this is me.”

Susie took this idea as the basis for her  movie.

Susie developed  a story and wrote a script.

“I wrote out a first draft  but the final screenplay took a long time to complete after four major modifications with my tutor and friends,” Susie said.

Jack Bennett, who plays the little girl’s father, is a TV and Film Production student.

He said:” I have a double identity as photographer and actor in Susie’s crew.”

“This is a very special experience for me. I did not do it for reward; I did it for love of it.”

Sound engineer Adoou (left), Photographer Jack (medial), Film director Susie (right)

Sound engineer Adoou (left), Photographer Jack (medial), Film director Susie (right)

The students working on  Ocean Heaven were attracted by the story and learned from each other.

Susie said:” This micro film is my final project and having a low budget is a very big problem.”

“It is very hard to look for low rentable  houses.

“But I was lucky and after about three weeks I found a very nice landlord.”

The man actress is a 5 year-old girl called Robin.

And working with a child actor proved a big challenge for Susie.

“Sometimes she did not understand the moods I wanted her to express or my ideas,” Susie said.

“I would act things out front of her then she imitated me.

“Robin’s mother also helped me to teach Robin how to do things.”

” When we did our seaside scene, it was very windy and cold.

“We filmed nearly seven hours and everyone shivered in the wind.

“It is hard for a child, but Robin did it.

Ocean Heaven crew

Ocean Heaven Crew

“All the cast and the crew, thanks very much!”


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