Students help people to smile.

A group of Teesside University Studnst took to middlesbrough Town entre to try and make people happy.

The group of postgraduate students launched a campiagn – called ‘Smiling Heroes’ – to get people smiling and beat depression.

The group held a live event inthe Cleveland Centre opposite the Debenhams store.



From left to right, Eva Mwambene, Naser Jaradat and Umeora Chukwudubem making final preparations before the live event at Cleveland center.


The group offered  people free balloons, sweets, flowers and flyers with information on raising awareness of depression and how to overcome such a state by developing new habits such as positive attitude and enjoying the best things in life.

Umeora Chukwudubem, who is one of the four Smiling Heroes, said: ” Although today is kind of a cloudy day and the weather is not very conducive  we have managed to spread the flyers to about 150 people and made hundreds of them smile”

He Niu, who is also one of the ‘Smiling Heroes’, said: “This idea of letting people write down things which make them smile is very nice. People respond positively and this makes them smile.”


Passerby s signing on Chukwudubem’s T-shirt


The event took place from 11am-5pm with  shoppers signing on white and yellow T-shirts which were then worn by the Smiling Heroes.

The Smiling Campaign is a campaign which targets all the members of Teesside University and Middlesbrough Community as well as social media users all over the world.

It aims at encouraging people to smile more and also raising awareness of Depression. The motto of this campaign is ‘The Best Things in life Are Free, Smile Middlesbrough It begins with you!’


He Niu ( on the left) and Eva Mwambene ( on the right) with some of the passerbys who stopped to write down things which make them smile


from Tside