Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum shows film on Nazi horrors.


A special exhibition has been set up to show the horrors a Teesside soldier encountered when he helped liberate Belsen concentration camp in WW2.

Eddie Straight, from Salturn, was with British troops in 1945 when they liberated the Nazi concentration camp and witnessed the horrors on show.

A temporary exhibition  at the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough includes a 30 minute documentray about Eddie called ‘To Hell and Back’.


A flyer with details of the film at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


The short film shows  94 -year- old Eddie’s involvement in the liberation  and his interview with Craig Hornby who is the film maker.

Phil Philo, who is in charge of Service Management and Exhibitions Programming at the Dorman Museum said: “We decided to show this film here because in this month we do heroes commemoration in Britain.”

“I feel very uplifted by the achievement of the man and what he went through and what he does to help people. But it is very sad to me to see what people do to other people. It’s horrific! It’s horrible!.”

A display of a Dinosaur at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


David O C’onnor, who  watched the film said: “Corpses, bodies, you see a lot of things on television and  on news but I think this is possibly the first time you ever see them in this depth.”

There are many things to see at this temporary exhibition not just the 30 minutes film, but also a display of many images by the award winning photographer, Ian Forsyth, and many other fantastic Middlesbrough and England heritage throughout history.

The scenes range from captivating skulls of people who lived in the past centuries to beauty and domestic utensils that were used in the past decades.

A display of old days domestic utensils at the temporary exhibition, Dorman museum


The temporary exhibition will be taking place until  June 28 and the film is shown at the museum as part of the exhibition every Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Dorman Museum which is by Middlesbrough’s Stewart Park.

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