Future Hearts: Album Review

Album Title: Future Hearts
Artist: All Time Low
Release Date: 03/04/2015
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5Tside Rating: 4 out of 5


future hearts

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Pop-punk poster boys All Time Low have just released their much hyped new album ‘Future Hearts’.

The boys from Baltimore have been going since 2003 and singer Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson have already enjoyed a string of hits.

I feel like I should preface this review with the fact that I am a huge All Time Low fan boy. I love all their previous albums and queued for an hour for a 20 second signing session at HMV Middlesbrough!

Following a massive UK tour, where new songs like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ were played, and a campaign trail including visits to Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the album was well hyped before its release.

Three singles featured on the album have also already been released onto YouTube by the band; Something’s Gotta Give, Kids In The Dark and Tidal Waves.

Despite Mark Hoppus’ guest appearance on Tidal Waves, it is probably my least favourite track on the album. It’s quite a slow one, but has a chorus that will likely be belted out at future concerts.

At first, Kids In The Dark didn’t hit the right note, but after a few listens, I definitely found it stuck in my head. It’s also highly resonant of their past teenage rebellion anthems, such as The Reckless & The Brave from 2012’s ‘Don’t Panic’. It’s definitively modern All Time Low; what’s not to love?

Something’s Gotta Give was the first song released from Future Hearts, and it’s still stuck in my head after a month. It’s insanely catchy, with a stomping chorus and rousing verses, and a pretty awesome video to boot.

On first listen, Future Hearts was actually a bit disappointing. A lot of the songs seemed to just blend together, bar a couple of stand out tracks and while a lot of All Time Low’s songs sound slightly similar, it’s not to this degree.

But after a couple of listens, more variance appeared between the songs, and the different tones and rhythms really started jumping out.

There are still some songs that I’m personally not wild about, like Tidal Waves, Cinderblock Garden and Bail Me Out (which features Joel Madden from Good Charlotte), but maybe it will just take a few more listens!

However, there are some real stand out tracks, including Something’s Gotta Give, Kids In The Dark, Missing You and Satellite.

Overall, it’s a very well-rounded album, ticking all the boxes for an All Time Low album. Upbeat, rebellious anthems, check. Slow, melodic songs, check. Catchy as hell, check.

Future Hearts is available to download from iTunes, Google Play store and Amazon.

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