Radio Ignition Offers Work Opportunities to Teesside Students.

A Radio station is offering work experience to Teesside University students.

Tony Beards, who is the chairman of Teesside Community Media(TCM),  has announced both paid and volunteer job opportunities at the new Media station,Ignition radio, which was launched in March this year at the Hope House Whessoe Road, Hardwick.

Tony Beards broadcasting on Ignition radio station

Teesside Community Media is a charity aiming at providing the people of Teesside with a number of radio stations broadcasting something for everyone.

It is focused on engaging the local community by promoting public education in media and training workshops for schools, colleges and universities offering opportunity for valuable work experience.

As he was explaining about the core aims of the charity, Mr Beards said: “We aim at giving back to the community by offering free experience to the young professionals as well as giving opportunity for anyone who has a say to be heard out. ”

Marcus Summerfield, who is the station manager for  Ignition Radio, further explained:

Marcus Summerfield in his office at Hardwick

“A huge diversity is what Ignition Radio aims at, you can listen to the 50’s, the 60’s Punjab beats, Afro-beats and all other music genres. ”

Mick Pearce is one of the trustees for TCM and he said that more volunteers for News Team, Technical support, Fundraising, Community Engagement, Presenting, Sales as well as Advertisement are still needed.

Mick said: “We are more like a family here. Once you join us, you will eventually feel that, while learning, exploring and developing your CV.”

Teesside Community Media was launched on October 20  2014, it is a registered charity with online radio stations such as Radio Stitch and Ignition Radio.

In early March 2015, Ignition radio was officially launched and more young people are encouraged to take part in both volunteer and paid work at the station.

Click below to find out more about the radio station and opportunities available:

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