Middlesbrough running group Albert Parkrun join the race for health

A GROUP of fun runners has joined the race for a healthier lifestyle.

Albert Parkrun is a group which is free for people  to join who want to keep themselves fit.

The group meets every Saturday at 9 am and then does a 5k run, jog or walk in Middlesbrough’s Albert Park.

Runners are welcome from all ages and whoever are able to finish the task are then invited to get involving with the weekly challenge.

It all begun six years ago with initially only 25 runners.

The group now welcomes 250 to 300 people every week. The runners can run at their own pace .






Some of the runners go through their paces.

Tside reporter Qian Bai went along to the event.

Click on the video below for more information.

Qian Bai reports.

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