Middlesbrough homeless want their voice to matter in upcoming election


GIZMO- Carl Stephenson won’t be voting

THE homeless people of Middlesbrough are hoping their voice will be heard in the upcoming general election.

The 7 May vote could prove to be one of the tightest in recent memory if the polls are anything to go by.

And whether you are voting Conservative, Labour or any of the other major parties, you can feel confident your vote will matter and be taken into account.

But there is a contingent of people who feel this is not the case for them. Those are the homeless who have fallen on the hardest of times during the recent financial crisis.

Cheeko, a spokesman for Second Chances, a magazine designed to help homeless people get back on their feet, said he would definitely be taking part.

He said: “I will be voting, yes, for Labour because they have been noticing in places like Middlesbrough and Redcar, the help homeless people need and Labour seem to realise where the money needs to be spent.”

Cheeko was also keen to talk about homeless people keeping their humanity and place in society.

“The parties and politicians need to remember we are human beings too. We can’t focus on just the people from the Boro, we have to look at the bigger picture. There are people from London, Bristol and all over who need help.”

The homeless people of Middlesbrough are keen for changes to made, and some are not interested in who it is that makes these changes.

Busker Carl ‘Gizmo’ Stephenson said: “I won’t be voting, I don’t actually know enough about politics to make a decision- I would like to see changes, I don’t feel my vote will count for a lot though that’s why I won’t be voting.”

It is clear that whether the homeless people of Middlesbrough are going to vote are not, they are passionate and very keen to see change in not just their own lives but in Britain itself.


from Tside