£100 raised by MA students for local schools


Runners at the Albert park during the Fun-Run Event

About £100 was raised at Albert Park by a group of MA students from Teesside University to help local schools.

The group, also known as Fantastic Four among their peers, have been running for the Blithe campaign in partnership with the Albert park runners and local Middlesbrough Philanthropic Foundation since earlier this year with the aim of supporting local schools and children in the town.

On Saturday after the running session was completed at the Albert Park people were invited to join the Fantastic Four in their fundraising where they were selling home made cakes for 50p.


Becky, one of the Fantastic Four selling cakes to the Fun-Runners

Daniel Vinzens, one of the fundraisers said: “This was a very successful day, we charged three pounds for entrance fees and also sold the cakes this morning. We have raised about £100 which is great.”

It was a nice morning with quite fine weather and people seemed to have enjoyed themselves  very much.

Daniel added: “All the money will be given to the children in need in Middlesbrough.”

The fun-run event  and Blithe campaign was not all about fundraising but also showing that fun can be turned into fundraising for a good cause too. People were encouraged to go fo the run, and stay for the fun which turned into fundraising for a good cause which is even more fun!

Amy Steele, one of the runners, said: “I enjoyed this day very much, and knowing that I am donating while running and having fun feels great.”

The event ended around 12:30 and the Fantastic Four went home similing and feeling very pleased.




from Tside