Diamant Reiserute…: Post from Tees bit on the side

…otherwise known as the Diamond Itinerary!

Here are the highlights from our globe-trotting tutor’s (Marcus Diamond) recent Norwegian adventure:

• Delayed internal flight in Norway due to industrial action – (tick)
• A chocolately cheese (Gudbrandsdals Ost)/herring breakfast by candlelight – (tick)
• Noticing the lovely branding for Norwegian trains – (tickets please)
• Viewing ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch – (tick)
• Catching up with TU graduate, Kristine Juvik, facilitating an obligatory tour of Oslo – this time of Vigeland Park and the National Theatre – (tick)
• Arrive back in UK to a strangely completely empty airport – (tick)… and on time – (tock)
Stranger already sat in the back of my pre-booked taxi – (ticked off)

Oh, and in between a lot of work – including delivering 3 talks at Kristiansand, Bergen and Oslo, and talking to potential students and also staff. As always, many thanks to Noroff for their hospitality – (tickety-boo)

from Tees bit on the side