Teesside University student makes a career in the Bollywood Film industry.

Muhammad and Family

Muhammad and his family after he graduated from Teesside University



A FORMER Teesside University student has made his way into the film industry working for one of Pakistan’s major Bollywood film companies.

Tside spoke to  former Media Studies student Muhammad Shoaib to get the run down on his amazing experiences working abroad as an assistant director for Mehroz Karim Films…


So what’s life like working for Mehroz Karim films?

Muhammad: It’s a great experience to working for a production company like Mehroz Karim Films after working I realize there is too many instances of hand on experience to learnt after getting my degree. When you get your degree it’s a lot like having a key to open many doors in the future. 

What are some of the films you’ve worked on during your time at Mehroz Karim Films? 

Muhammad: In last three months of working I had done one Urdu drama serial named Aye Zindage as an Assistant Director which is on air now on Hum TV which is one of the Pakistan’s leading entertainment channels. And now I am heading to Kashmir Valley to start a new drama serial project.

What were the company interested to see, when you were asked for an interview?

Muhammad: Firstly they really appreciated the fact that I had completed my quality degree abroad which is obviously not an easy task.

Secondly they were interested in someone who knew about everything and support them in every department.

And I had learned almost all of these skills during my time at Teesside University while attending my Media Studies course.

The course taught me everything I needed to know such as for example Script Writing, Research and Development, Production, Direction and  Sound Recording.

How was your time at Teesside University? Did you think the resources were useful for preparing people for a career in the industry?

Muhammad: I strongly believe that Teesside University is a well-organized, strong and bright organization for those who want a career in the media industry.

What advice would you give to your fellow Teesside University students who are looking to purse a similar career in the industry?

Muhammad: Practice makes everything perfect.  Always stay in touch with the things you are interested in for your career path 

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IS: How is it recruiting young people from around the world?

Three young British girls, Kadiza Sultana, 16, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum, both 15, recently boarded a flight from Gatwick airport to Istanbul, to join the terrorist group Islamic State. Why?

IS is a $2bn jihadist network that is turning to modern methods to find recruits for their radicalised mission of creating a caliphate Islamic State.

Armed with the weapons of propaganda and professional media production, Islamic State are targeting young people around the world through platforms such as Twitter, Liveleak, Youtube  and on extremist blog websites, as well as a professionally produced English online magazine called Dabiq. 

The high quality productions of these propaganda films hold the key to the strength of the terrorist group’s ability to recruit foreign aid. They are clearly tech savvy, and have moved on considerably from the productions presented by Al-Qaeda, which were typically low quality pieces to camera from a Jihadist preacher.Islamic state are effective in creating propaganda, with the help of their own media company, Al Hayat Media Centre. High quality and professional propaganda makes it easier to reach out to young people around the world, preaching others to ‘join the caliphate’, an Islamic state ruled by one leader (The Caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Bagdahdi), and fight for control of Iraq and Syria.


Abu Bakr Al-Bagdahdi


The problem with Islamic States new recruitment tactics is that they are now penetrating public spheres which are mostly used by vulnerable teenagers, particularly young Muslim women, who are recruited as Jihadi brides. There is even a marriage centre located in Syria specifically used for the registry of the wives of Jihadists.

However, it is not just young Muslims that are being targeted as recruits. IS target anyone that they can take, the recruitment of 18 year old Australian Jake Bilardi shows this.

Terrorist recruitment schemes of this level have rarely been seen executed to this degree before. Their efficiency on the web has created a problem from within Europe, and the UK in particular, with the likes of Mohammed Emwazi (A.K.A. Jihadi John), a London teenager, travelling to Syria to join the fight for the caliphate. He has since been used as a poster boy, spreading the fear and control of IS throughout the world media with multiple execution videos including that of the American Journalist, James Foley and UK Aid worker Alan Henning.

IS’s ability to penetrate the new forms of media around the world and interact directly with young people is a cunning tactic to spread fear and doubt from within communities, corrupting vulnerable young minds around the world capitalising on their fears and doubts by issuing high quality propaganda, with messages such as “there is no life without Jihad” and “Come and join us brothers.”

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Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you

After driving for three hours to arrive at the Capital Arena in Nottingham straight after work on empty stomachs the first thing we all wanted was food.

Only a slight problem, all meat products had been taken off sale for the night and instead vegetarian products with a stamp,’Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you’ was placed on the packaging. There goes that burger.


ON STAGE: Morrissey performing

But what do  you expect when you have come to see Morrisey perform songs from his latest album ‘World Peace is none of your business’ .

Unusually, no support band was present and instead there was a pre-show video which included footage from The New York Dolls, The Ramones, gloating over the death of Thatcher, poetry about death and other things that Morrissey loves.

The Smiths’ song ‘The Queen is Dead’ (originally named Margaret on the Guillotine)  then blasts out and on screen a picture of the Queen raising her middle finger to the crowd as Morrissey enters  the stage.

This then changed to a picture of Kate and Will with the phrase ‘United King-dumb’, and well, we all know what Morrissey thinks of the Royals.

For those Smiths fans hoping to get their moneys worth in nostalgia of the band that used to be, sadly they did not. Morrissey only sang a total of four songs from his former days, and nine from the new album.

However, one thing that did not leave the crowd blank but caused a mixed array of emotion (and probably left happy meat eaters vegetarian), was the performance of ‘Meat is Murder’.

On screen a video of animals being brutally slaughtered for the production of meat came up, pigs, chickens,cows. Suddenly the room got very hot, my throat dry and stomach queasy, I could feel all the blood to my head and was about to faint.

meat is murder

Meat is murder: PETA


Thankfully a young lad which a floral shirt and a Mozza quiff spotted me a caught me before I actually fell. The recovery room was almost as packed as the gig itself and the paramedics were concerned as to why so many of the members of the crowd were flooding in. I explained what was currently on screen to a young man as he handed me a glass of water and waited there until Morrissey moved on to ‘Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before’.

With regards to his performance, it was astonishing that a man almost in his 60’s was vocally perfect. ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ was the main crowd pleaser.

He ended the night on ‘Speedway’, and in true Morrissey style with his shirt off, swinging it around his head.

All that was missing was the NHS specs and daffodils.

Oh, and by the way, I still haven’t eaten meat since the gig!


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Meet the new Student Union Officers.

Students at Teesside University  have voted for their new Student Union officers.

The event was held at the SU and the tension was high as the four new officers were announced.

THE four new Student Union officers  - Adam Howe, Ashley Mehnert, Brian Keogh and Manon Goetschel

THE four new Student Union officers – Adam Howe, Ashley Mehnert, Brian Keogh and Manon Goetschel

Ashley Mehnert was elected as President with 648 of 1591 votes cast in her favour. Although she was on crutches during campaign week and found it hard to get around, she managed to win over students with the help of her campaign team.

Ashley said: “I’ve been student rep since first year and I wanted to do it on a bigger scale and help all students, not just the students in my school”.

Adam Howe pipped fellow candidate Ryan Marshall by only three votes to become the new Education Officer, which will involve working to improve the conditions for students within their lessons and in regards to examinations.

He said: “I want to try and get 24-hour access to computers for all students on campus and I also want to look at reducing seminar sizes.”

Manon Goetschel was re-elected as Welfare Officer, a position she ran for and won last year.

This year she won with 961 votes out of 1,444 cast, the largest majority of any of the candidates.

The welfare officer looks after the health, safety and security of students, and makes sure they are provided for.

Manon said she ran for re-election because she loves the job  and one of her main goals for this year  is to create a nap room for students to help with sleep deprivation.

Brian Keogh was elected Student Activities Officer with 652 votes out of 1, 656 cast.

He was previously the chair of the American football team and decided that his next step would be to represent all of the university’s  many clubs and societies.

One of his aims is to help parents get involved in student activities and he also hopes to expand the number of academic societies available to students.

We interviewed the officers to ask them a few questions about the SU, the Uni and their campaigns. Watch below!

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Election 2015: Middlesbrough’s Conservative candidate Simon Clarke

WITH the 2015 General Election being held in under two months, Tside interviewed one of the candidates standing for the Middlesbrough seat.

Simon Clarke is standing for the Conservative party in Middlesbrough, a town which has long been considered as a safe Labour seat.

When asked about how he wanted to help Middlesbrough if he was elected Simon Clarke said: “Middlesbrough is my home town – I grew up in Marton, my family live locally and nothing motivates me more than wanting to see the town stand tall.”


SIMON CLARKE: Conservative candidate

“If Middlesbrough is to succeed then we also need to raise education standards.

“I work as a schools policy specialist and my wife Hannah also works in teaching.

“Children in Middlesbrough only have a 48 per cent chance of going to a good or outstanding secondary school, compared to 72 per cent in Sunderland, 84 per cent in Newcastle and 91 per cent in South Tyneside.”

Mr Clarke said it is important for young people to vote in this General Election.

He said: “Its essential young people get involved in the election, listen to the different parties who are standing and turn out to vote.”

“Everyone leaving university in the coming years wants to know that there will be decent jobs available, that there will be homes for them to live in, good schools for their kids and so on. Why leave that for other people to decide?”

Mr Clarke also discussed issues that he thought affects young people in the Middlesbrough area and what he thinks about these issues: “At the moment the proportion of Middlesbrough school leavers who become NEET (not in education, employment or training) is almost double the national average – that’s a shocking waste of talent.”

“Boosting young people’s purpose and self-respect is also really important when it comes to tackling the social problems we face.

“Middlesbrough has the highest rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions in England and in 2013 the Centre for Social Justice reported that one in forty adults in the town is an opiate and/or crack user.

“There is nowhere in England where a child is more likely to become pregnant before they are 18.



“The causes of these problems are multiple and complex.

“But giving young people a chance to get some qualifications, learn a trade and start a job could help lots of people avoid making bad choices.”

Mr Clarke also wants to engage young people with politics and with his campaign.

“At thirty I’m not that old myself although the first couple of grey hairs are under close observation,” He said.

“So I like to think I’m running a campaign which is really open and accessible to young people.

“Alongside appearances on local radio and TV, I’ve got an active social media presence.

“I’m really lucky to be receiving help from lots of young people in my campaign, both at school and university – Middlesbrough’s a big town and we don’t have lavish resources to cover a lot of ground.

“For the traditionalists, I’ll be doing various hustings events around the town over the next few weeks alongside the other candidates.”

For more information about Simon Clarke’s campaign visit his website: http://ift.tt/1H5HJZc or follow his social media accounts: @simon4boro and http://ift.tt/1H5HKfy


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Step into Spring fashion for less

SPRING is officially here and it certainly hasn’t disappointed in terms of fashion, from shirt skirts to bright yellow colours brightening up our high streets there is a wide variety of style and colour trends to fit everyone.

The high street offers plenty of choices when it comes to the latest trends, you have a selection of price tags to choose from. Whether you want to splash out and treat yourself on expensive clothing items or you’re looking for those bargain deals.

As I am a student myself I understand just how difficult it is to be constantly on trend while sticking to a budget, but fear not I have made sure to source some of the best trends on a student budget.

1. Yellow:



Spring is here and what a better way to highlight the beginning of this joyful season then with a bright colour to lift your mood up.

Yellow is on trend this period and even if you’re thinking it might not suit you don’t be quick to dismiss it , as there are many shades of this colour out there to suit everyone.

I found this dress available at River Island for £38 it’s ideal as it’s simple but yet has enough detail to make wearable for a night time look.

All you have to add are a pair of heels and you are ready to go or alternatively wear it out for a lunch date with the girls and brighten up the gloomy British weather.




2. Black and white:



Black and white always seem to reappear every single year on the catwalks, including on this year’s DKNY spring collection.

You can’t go wrong with these two colours they are minimalistic, classical and elegant all at once and make a great combination.

Whether it’s for  heading out for a formal dinner , wearing them as part of your school day or simply for a shopping trip this blouse from H&M does just that at £14.99.

Meaning you can look trendy without having to break or go over your set budget, because let’s face it as students we don’t exactly have thousands of pounds to spare in the bank.



3. White lace



White is hot this season and graced many catwalks this year with it’s presence, this colour has always been a favourite when it comes to spring and summer over the past recent years.

Now even tough the British weather might not always indicate it’s spring there is no reason why you can’t dress in white to bring in the spring/summer feeling.

With a simple top like this one from Dorothy Perkins for just £20 you can look on point while maintaining that soft feminine and cute look all at the same time.

Perfect for any day time look when teamed with a nice pair of jeans and a simple bag to match, off course this lovely top can also be used as part of night time outfit. Accessorised with jewellery and a skirt and tada you have yourselves a going out look.


4. Comfortable shoes




Finally it is the season where wearing comfortable shoes doesn’t mean not being able to be stylish at the same time.

Spring 2015 is all about being chic with shoes that don’t have to give you blisters, foot pain or risk of a twisted ankle . An ideal look for day, night and any occasion that comes your way.

Show your feet off with these pair from River Island for just £35, great for walking around in for a busy university day or for those days when you want to give your feet a rest from wearing heels.

This River Island shoes are right on key when it comes to this season, very comfortable and lets not forget most importantly cost effective.


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Manjaros, the African-Caribbean Haven in Teesside

Satisfy the chicken-lover inside you with a cheaper and unique alternative to Nandos.

Manjaros infuses bold African and Caribbean flavours together to create a fresh and vibrant taste sensation.

Their signature Manjaro’s sauce, which is used in most of their dishes, leaves a slight spice in your mouth that isn’t too fiery.

They have a large selection of dishes ranging from their famous Waka Waka chicken to lamb skewers to Parmesan. With most of their dishes under £10 it’s the perfect place for students who want a different taste experience.

The restaurant itself has a rustic feel to it with bare wooden tables and bursts of African decor. The famous Manjaros grill is in plain view of the customers so you can watch your food being prepared and take in all the aromatic smells. As you wait, your ears are filled with the sizzle of the grill while relaxing Caribbean music drifts through the air.

It’s the perfect place to take your friends or your partner with it providing good food at a good price and a relaxing atmosphere.

It seems to be the top celebrity hang out with Tinie Tempah, David Haye and Dappy all dining at Manjaros.

On my visit to my Manjaros I got their signature dish, the Waka Waka Chicken. For £9.50, I got a huge slab of flattened grilled chicken breast, smothered in their famous Manjaros sauce with chips and salad. You definitely get value for money with portion sizes like them!

MANJAROS: My visit to the restaurant

MANJAROS: My visit to the restaurant

The chicken was tender and juicy with that charred taste of the grill but for me, the star of the show was the Manjaros sauce. It was spicy and tangy yet so versatile and flavorsome that I could have used (and nearly did use) the whole bottle! The food arrived in good time and the staff were pleasant and helpful.

Overall, this restaurant is a great place to take your loved ones, but it might not be best suited for families with young children. The menu could be more diverse but it may take away from the charm of the first major African-Caribbean restaurant in Middlesbrough.

Manjaros not only serves up tasty food, but it also gives you an exotic and cultural experience and is definitely worth a visit.





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Lip Plumping: Hot or Not?

EVERY woman desires the fuller lip look, to enhance the size of their natural lips.

The need for bigger lips has become a must for a lot of women during the past decade as it is seen as the most attractive feature of the face.

Many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson introduced the need for big lips, with Kylie Jenner causing the biggest wave.
















In the past, cosmetic surgery was the only option to make your lips bigger, with procedures such as collagen injections ranging from around £250.

It would need professional assistance by a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in lip surgery.

Some people have suffered the consequences of an unsuccessful surgery from trying to achieve perfect lips.

Recently the Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, ended up in the emergency room after undergoing lip surgery which left her with a duck face.

Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive and also risky, as you do not know how the results will turn out. However, now there are other methods to do this which are much cheaper alternatives than surgery, costing you less than £20.

A new beauty trend has gained popularity as an easy method to achieve fuller lips without surgery.

The trend began on social media, particularly Instagram, where there were videos showing how the product can enhance the size of your lips. It received a large amount of attention among beauty lovers and since then has sparked the interest of many girls as an alternative to going under the knife.

MISS PUMP: Lip plumper

MISS PUMP: Lip plumper

‘Miss Pump’ can be purchased on many websites including eBay and Amazon, and costs around £10.

The product works by pulling your lips in order to get the blood flow to the surface, causing swelling which is what enhances the size of your lips. The swelling lasts for a few hours before going down to its original state.

A recent experience by a woman showed terrifying results of a similar lip plumper that was used. The swelling of her lips was very extreme, with side effects lasting a few days, followed by bruising. Other people have experienced bruising from lip plumpers like this one which could have been due to excessive use.

We decided to put this product to the test and see what results we end up with.

Tside reporter, Sophie Finnegan, volunteered to try it out for herself.

SOPHIE FINNEGAN: Before lip plumping

SOPHIE FINNEGAN: Before lip plumping

SOPHIE FINNEGAN: After lip plumping

SOPHIE FINNEGAN: After lip plumping


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Getting to Know Holly Hagan

She burst onto our TV screens in 2011 and has divided opinion ever since, but love her or hate her, Holly Hagan is here to stay.

With a bestselling book just being released and hitting the charts, and her cover of “Milkshake” making Clubland 25, it is safe to say Teesside’s very own TV star isn’t going anywhere soon.

As her reveal all book strides up the charts, Tside’s Lewis Denison met with the star to discuss her book and her life.


Holly Hagan

Holly before a night out in Middlesbrough

“I think the book shocked a lot of people as they didn’t realise what I’d been through growing up.”

“Watching Geordie Shore people think they know me but they have no idea how I came to be the person I am today or the struggles I faced with bullying, weight issues and self-harm”. She explained.

The book, “Not Quite a Geordie” has gained positive reviews. One reader commented on the WHSmith website “I had no idea Holly has had such an interesting life before Geordie Shore.”

But the Reality TV star, who has no trouble pleasing crowds in other parts of the country, told how she feels jealousy has tainted her relationship with audiences from her home town.

Speaking about her time at Teesside as a VIP for Final Fling, she said: “It is difficult to do something in my home town as there will always be jealous people.

“I do understand it’s like “why’s she up there she’s nothing special” but I know this, I am just a normal girl who’s been given an amazing opportunity.

“Apart from the boos on stage, Final Fling was amazing and I would 100% come back”.

Holly, 22, who is originally from Thornaby on Tees, sparked controversy with viewers of the show who say she is not a Geordie.

When quizzed on the subject she hit back “I’m proud to say I’m a smoggy!”

“I love Thornaby and it will always be my home and I’m very proud of it.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Newcastle over the years and it’s nice to go there for a change of scenery, but Boro is where my roots are and I love it.”

Holly, who has been on our TV screen since the age of 18, said her life “has changed massively” since being catapulted into the limelight.

“To go from working in a call centre to travelling the world and being given opportunities to fulfil childhood dreams such as music and modelling is amazing.”

But Holly, who has her own fashion line and brand of hair extensions, says: “I’m just a normal girl who goes out drinking and lives the same life as every Teesside Uni student, the only difference is that mine is recorded.”







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It’s all change for Lottie and Jack’s vintage fair

Teesside University had a fashionable transformation as it played host to Lottie and Jack’s Vintage Fair.

Over 27 stalls full of vintage treasures and trinkets waiting to be found, from clothes to candles, charity stalls, and even homemade jams were on offer.

vintage 2



It was a free event and hugely popular as music and chatter came from the Britain Building.

Both local  and not so local businesses attended the fair.

Local Baker Street Vintageous Rags were there with a stall of clothing ranging from original 1950’s dresses, to 1990’s headwear.

vintaage 1

Outfit: ORIGINAL 1950’s


Owner, Grace Stringer, said: “I think everyone likes to be a little bit different and I think with vintage especially you can get something different and no one else will wear it, and people like that.”

“With the trends that are coming in at the minute and because people follow them, with vintage you are getting the real deal.”

Visitors were able to browse while live music was playing and enjoy homemade cakes that were on sale and very reasonably priced.

vintage 3



There was a wide selection for both men and women who attended.

Brian Donnelly, Bad Bowties, Hartlepool, said: “I find there isn’t a lot out there in terms of vintage fairs for gentlemen so that’s why I come along, and I find that is now starting to grow from being female orientated to more men’s clothing coming out.”

Brian Donnelly: BAD BOWTIES


Teesside University will be holding another Lottie and Jack’s vintage fair from 10am-4pm on April 10 in the Hub and entry will be £2.

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