Teesside graduate to showcase film at the Imperial War Museum

A TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY student will showcase her documentary about the role of Army cameramen and photographers within the Armed Forces at the Imperial War Museum.

TV and Film Production student Paige Howard, who graduates next month, will have her film shown at the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival.

“When I submitted my film to the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival I wasn’t really expecting much to come of it but I couldn’t believe that it got selected and that I’m nominated for an award,” She said.

“I made this film all by myself and insisted on having creative control over every aspect of the production, and that’s what I’m most proud of I think. Little old me having my film shown at a festival, it’s crazy.”

ON LOCATION: Paige filming on location.

ON LOCATION: Paige filming on location.

She decided to create the film for her end of year project, stating her military background as her reason.

Her film, ‘Eye To The Viewfinder’, is a 20 minute documentary film about the roles that members of ‘The Army Film and Photographic Trade’ undertake and the type of jobs that they do.

“When my Dad was in the Army he was an Army Photographer & Cameraman,” She said.

“The Army Film and Photographic Trade is a little known role within the Army.

“The job involves promoting the work of the Armed Forces, whether it be at home in the UK or on deployments in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

“A lot of the footage that these soldiers take is used on national and international news to show what is going on in war zones.

“Not many people know that it is an armed soldier behind the lens, a soldier that may be required to put down the camera and pick up the gun if necessary.

My film explores this role by hearing from the photographers themselves and learning what it entails and what challenges they have faced.”

Paige hopes that the showcasing of the film will help to spread awareness of an occupation within our Armed Forces that she feels doesn’t  get enough recognition, as well inspiring young people to get involved.

“I think there are definitely a lot of unsung heroes that can benefit from having a film made about them,” She said.

“I personally find it interesting watching a documentary on a subject that I have knowledge of.

“Sometimes it’s good to put someone different in the spotlight and give them a chance to showcase the brilliant work they do.

“It may also inspire others to follow in their footsteps. With this trade in particular, there could be young soldiers or young people with an interest in photography or film that don’t know the trade exists, and they could watch my film to learn more about the job and possibly decide to do it.”

UNSUNG HERO?: Army Photography

UNSUNG HERO?: Army Photographer

Paige currently works for ITV on a short-term contract as a Print and Admin Assistant for soap ‘Emmerdale’, which involves printing scripts, call sheets, running orders and other paperwork.

Paige said her ultimate goal is to work in Studio Entertainment television as a Director or a Floor Manager.

“The Entertainment genre is where my passion lies and I love the environment of a live studio production,” She said.

“I hope to work for a few years as a runner and then work my way up the TV ladder. ”

Eye To The Viewfinder will be shown at The Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival 2014, which occurs over the next few weekends at the museum in London.

It will be screened  four times and will be followed by an awards ceremony at the museum on December 1  in which Paige is nominated in the Documentary Category.




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