Team GD: Post from Tees bit on the side

As part of a week-long ‘Festival of Learning’ series of events, Graphic Design entered a team into the not-so-serious Festival Challenge afternoon. Our team of non-olympians were made up of Year 3 students, Ashley Beaumont, Robbie Blaser, Ben Hall, Todd Mitchell, Anthony Spence and Tutor, Michael O’Malley, who collectively had to compete against 10 other teams from across the University, in various physical and cerebral challenges. There was a prize on offer of £1000, which could be spent on course activities or equipment, so the competition was intense – more intense than we expected! As the events progressed, the demands took their toll – old injuries flared up, post-St Patrick’s Day festivities fatigue set in for some, and a general lack of fitness for others. Despite all this, the team battled on, battered and bruised, to complete all tasks, to reach the finish line, in an attempt to beat the clock, pushing themselves to the limits in a Herculean attempt to achieve their goal…

and to ultimately lose!

But just remember, it’s the taking part that counts (as every good loser knows).






Bull 1

Bull 2

Balls 1

from Tees bit on the side