Music for the cells: Charity night

Music for the cells was a charity concert to help raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The charity night took place at a local community centre in Grangetown in Middlesbrough.

Josh Kirton, 16, organised the event on his own and planned everything from bands to sponsored leg waxing.

“The night was great, everything went to plan and the acts were really good. I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves,” Josh said.

Three musicians performed including Josh Kirton, who played an original song he had written himself.

All of the people involved were local acts from Middlesbrough, there to help raise money for charity.

Overl £250 was raised for Cancer Research UK and the night was a huge success.

For more information about Cancer Research UK and how to donate check out the website:


from Tside