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Presenters Louis Scorza and Natalie Devonshire with our Valentines models.

Presenters Louis Scorza and Natalie Devonshire with our Valentines models.

Welcome to Teesside News with Louis Scorza and Natalie Devonshire. Coming up in the show:

Political societies go head to head at a special student question time.

Students return from Auschwitz to celebrate Holocaust memorial day.

And a special valentines fashion feature so you can dress to impress for the perfect date.

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Hundreds of Fans meet Ricky Hatton at Marton

GOLDEN SIGNATURES: Ricky on hand to sign golden gloves for his fans

GOLDEN SIGNATURES: Ricky on hand to sign golden gloves for his fans

FIVE hundred people turned out to see Boxing great Ricky Hatton at an event in Middlesbrough.

Former two-weight world champion Hatton was at hand at the Marton Country Club last Friday to greet hundreds of fans at the event.

Ricky said that he was very proud of his fan-base as they were able to get a closer look at the Hitman.

Ricky said: “Even though I’m retired, it’s a privilege to come to places like Middlesbrough where 500 people turn up to listen to me talk about my career, even when I’m not in the spotlight as much. It makes me feel very proud.

“What I’ve found about the North-east over the years is that people are very passionate about sport.

“You always get a good reception up here and I think that’s a testimony to why I’ve done more sportsman’s dinners here than probably anywhere else in the country.”

The event was put together by Pride and Respect to celebrate the career of the legendary boxer, who won the WBA, IBF and IBO Light Welterweight  titles as well as the WBA Welterweight title in an illustrious career.

Hatton had fights with some of the biggest names in boxing history, including Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, before retiring in 2012 with a record of 45 wins and just three losses.

And this was the chance for those at the Marton Country Club to get a closer look at the Manchester-raised boxing legend.

Pride and Respect Organizer and events promoter Tony Robinson was ecstatic with how the event went and said it was the biggest thing they’ve ever held.

Tony said: “It was fantastic, it couldn’t have gone better with 500 people there.

“Ricky is a true British sporting icon, we could have probably filled the room twice over.

So it’s great when one of the biggest names in British boxing history comes to Middlesbrough.”



MEETING: Hatton takes photos with fans at the Marton Country Club



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Tside Audio News Day: February Edition


PRESENTERS: The team come together once more the audio newsday


Tside reporters have come together to create the first Radio newsday of 2015.

In this month’s edition we discussed topics ranging from Animex, student engagement, student elections and a special live performance from Zach Said.

Click below to find out what our reporters got up to…


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Bird Watch Event

A  SPECIAL Big Bird Watching event has taken place in Middlesbrough’s  Stewart Park.

This is an annual event which is organised by RSPB and its aim is to count the birds and find out how many species are in the park.

Martha Neofytou tells us more in the video below.

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Tside’s guide to Valentines date wear

AS VALENTINE’S Day draws closer, tside understands how difficult it can be to create valentines’ couture on a budget but that is no reason to ruin your date.

Whether you’re a man or a woman on your first date or in a devoted relationship, figuring out what to wear for a valentines date always seems to be more difficult than if you were on any other date.

This romantic time of year is a tricky subject for deciding on appropriate fashion choices at an affordable price.

First dates are a source of potential stress giving you the single opportunity to make that lasting first impression, confidently.

The hassle of buying something new can be daunting but it’s time to ditch the fears, work within your budget and dress to impress.

With help from Middlesbrough’s vintage quarter Baker Street, tside uncovered the guide to valentine’s couture.


Dinner Date



READY FOR HER DINNER DATETeesside student Hannah Dodsworth wearing a cream jacket £18 and dress £22 from Vintageous Rags, Baker Street.

This is the night for glamour and elegance. If you’re going out for a fancy dinner, you will never be let down by every girls favourite the LBD, (Little Black Dress). Wear with simple black heels that make you and your feet smile, add an extra bit of sparkle with a belt to emphasise that sleek waist line and finish with a statement jacket.



ROCKING THE TWEED LOOK – Teesside student Louis Scorza showing gentlemen that Tweed is still in fashion. Tweed jacket £20 and Ralph Lauren shirt £22 Vintageous Rags, Baker Street.

Men, you need to step up your game for a dinner date. There’s no need to rent a tux but we recommend a great fitted shit buttoned up to the collar. To finish the look, team your smart shirt with a vintage style Tweed jacket which will keep you both warm and stylish.

Cinema Date



READY TO HIT THE CINEMA – Teesside student Hannah Dodsworth dressed to impress in an A-line dress £20 and faux fur coat £28 Disgraceland, Baker Street.


This may be a more of a casual date but that is no excuse not to take full advantage to look breathtaking. Take a floral dress, paying attention to pastel colours, reds and creams for the valentines feel, comfy pumps and add an extra bit of glamour with a fur coat.



COOL LOOK FOR A CINEMA DATE – Teesside student Louis Scorza is happy with his chilled look. Velvet shirt £5 and leather jacket £40 Disgraceland, Baker Street.


You may be tempted to wear your university hoodie but please resist the urge. Comfort and style can go hand in hand but remember you are trying to dress to impress. This relaxed look can work a charm with the ladies. Inspired by vintage themes, team a pair of jeans with a casual shirt and a statement jacket to finish the look.

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Rehabillitation Of Sportsmen: Should Offenders Be Allowed Back In The Game?

ON March 26th 1992, boxer Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for rape which rocked the boxing community.
Coming out of jail in 1996, Tyson would return to the ring and go on to regain the World Championship from Frank Bruno.
Now if Mike Tyson, one of the biggest stars in sports, was allowed to continue his in-ring career – then why has Ched Evans not been allowed the same luxury?
Evans himself was convicted of rape, has been released from prison but has been denied to return to competitive football for the likes of Sheffield United and Oldham due to major outcry from fans and even members of parliament.

However, Evans has always maintained his innocence and has shown no contrition for his crime.
I will take a look as to how and why, in the last twenty years, attitudes have changed and why Evans is being denied the chance to return to the game and is it justified?
Ched Evans was jailed for five years after raping a 19-year-old.
Ever since his release, he’s attempted to get himself back in the game with old club Sheffield United.
However, a petition signed by 150,000 surfaced saying that the club’s attempts to sign the player was “a deep insult to the woman who was raped and to all women like her who have suffered at the hands of a rapist”, which led to the club pulling out of the deal.
In December, Hartlepool United manager Ronnie Moore announced he would like to sign the striker in the club’s attempts to stay in the football league.
But following outcry from supporters on social media and Hartlepool MP Iain Wright, the club quickly stated that they wouldn’t sign the Welsh International.
The nearest the striker has come to a club was Oldham Athletic, who had previously signed former convict Lee Hughes upon his prison release.
After a few of their sponsors ended their ties with the club and public outcry from the likes of Labour leader Ed Miliband speaking out on the signing, they too pulled out.
So looking back, what are the factors that have been effective in putting a halt to Evans’ plans?
One huge factor is time, with Evans looking to get back in the game almost immediately after being released.
David Cameron said it best in an interview on BBC North West Tonight: “Perhaps he needs to do more to put back in to the community some sense of atonement for what he’s done before he restarts his career.”
With him heavily exposed in the media limelight, there’s little chance right now that any deal he makes will go down without public reaction.
Now that’s not to say that there wasn’t an ounce of public backlash towards Tyson returning to the ring, but twenty years ago there was not a social media website called Twitter which gave people to the platform to post whatever they think at will.
In a recent episode of BBC Sportshour, Editor of Loaded Magazine and former News Of The World writer Martin Daubney explained how the media’s attitude towards Tyson was very different to recent cases like Evans.
Martins said: “The Evans case was very different to the Tyson incident because the media were actually championing his innocence.
“There was a feeling that Mike had been wronged and his reintegration back into boxing was very much eased by the fact that he’d had a very sympathetic media treatment will incarcerated.”
Twitter has been responsible for campaigns for AND against Evans getting back into football, and has even been responsible for naming the victim of the rape crime ten times since the incident took place.
I think it’s safe to say that Twitter has been a been huge factor in impacting the sporting world, which has been proven very true in other parts of the world.
Talk of the rehabilitation of sportsmen has also been at large in the United States of America, with two incidents with high-profile NFL players getting the nation talking.
On February 15th 2014, Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice was arrested for assault after striking his fiancee in an incident which was later released on film by TMZ.
The event led to the Ravens initially terminating Rice’s contract in September and the NFL declaring that Rice was suspended indefinitely from competition.
However, he was later reinstated and is now in the same position as Evans here in the United Kingdom… a free agent looking to get back in the game
However, Professional Marie Hardin of Penn State University, who was also a part of the Sportshour episode mentioned earlier, believes that the public reaction to Rice has given the NFL a wake-up call.
Marie said: “I do think it’s been a rude awakening here for the NFL in terms of thinking about the way the public now can weigh in.
“It maybe a small percentage of fans that weigh in publicly but they weigh in in a way that gets attention.
“And it’s certainty gotten the interest of the NFL.”
What’s also got the attention of the NFL is the arrests and charging of Indianoplois Colts’ Josh McNary for rape in January 2015.
The Colts handled the situation very well by putting out a statement calling for NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell to add McNary to the NFL’s “Commissioner Exemption List”.
What this means is that McNary is barred from practice and competition while an NFL investigation is under way.
Even with their big Championship match with the New England Patriots just around the corner (which he was expected to play in), the Colts had the “rude awakening” mentioned earlier and took measures to make sure that potential public outcry did not break out to such a great extent.
Just think, if the Evans case is so big here in the United Kingdom, how much do you think a case like this could escalate to in the United States?
As the attitudes have changed towards this topic, so have the times.
Never has the world been this democratized both on social and mainstream media.
So it’s clear that an incident like the Ched Evans was never going to be let down quietly and clubs are starting the get the picture about how strong public reactions can be.
I personally don’t believe that public opinion shouldn’t be so influential that it prevents someone, no matter who they are, from doing what they love.
But in the case of a high-profile sportsman, that sportsman should have known well enough than to expect an easy passage back in the game and who in their right mind should run the risk of public outcry and losing sponsors just to get him?
To borrow a quote from Daily Express writer Mick Dennis – Ched Evans should play again… but not at my club.



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Whiplash (Film Review)

SCREAMING FOR GREATNESS: Whiplash has an urgency rarely seen in modern films

SCREAMING FOR GREATNESS: Whiplash has an urgency rarely seen in modern films

Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, Whiplash is the story of a talented young jazz drummer Andrew Neiman who enrols at a competitive music school where his aspirations of greatness are coached by an infamously tough musical instructor.

After being recruited by Terence Fletcher, played by J.K. Simmons, to participate in his very high standard Shaffer conservatory orchestra band, Andrew, played by Miles Teller, begins to dedicate everything in his life to achieving his goal by following in the footsteps of legendary jazz drummers like Buddy Rich.

The film works on a number of levels, chief of which is that Whiplash is an exhilaratingly thrilling and engrossing cinematic ride.

Watching Whiplash is a physical experience in and of itself. The way each and every facet of the film comes together such as the acting, the pacing and the acid-tongue razor sharp dialogue, is like riding a well-oiled roller coast with enough thrills, spills, twists and turns to make it a genuinely great film, one fully deserving of its commercial and critical acclaim.

Once you’re into Whiplash, Chazelle scarcely gives the audience time to catch its breath with rare, brief moments for reflection and this, like the instruments in the films itself, gives the entire film lightening quick rhythm.

The plot, like its lead characters, is focused, finely tuned and free of distraction with no room for compromise. Rarely does a film have such slickness in its narrative.

Whiplash has several key themes running throughout with arguably the most pertinent of which being that of what it means to be great and how our modern culture has stifled true greatness from shining through the mediocrity.

Those who may have been discouraged from watching Whiplash because they think it is about drumming can rejoice in the fact that the film isn’t really about drumming or music at all, it is mostly about this theme of achieving greatness.

It’s this level of astute sharpness that raises Whiplash above other films whose central focus is music which are so often bogged down in convention and clichés.

It has so far has been showered by an array of accolades with no sign of relenting and none of these accolades is more deserving than that of J.K. Simmons Oscar nominated performance.

The man is electric in his role as the fiery motivated music teacher who will stop at nothing to help his students realise their potential.

He is someone who believes that the worst two words in the English language are “good job” and demonstrates this ethos by relentlessly unleashing a verbal and often physical tirade of abuse upon his students to constantly challenge them to be the best they possibly can be.

Miles Teller also plays his part very well, encompassing an emotional, vulnerable and highly inspired student, a character which contrasts well with Fletcher’s irate unyielding wrath.

With five Oscar nominations under its belt including one for Best Picture,Whiplash is a film that won’t be easily forgotten and is one that almost shrieks out for a repeat viewing to have its less obvious traits fully appreciated.


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Foxcatcher (Film Review)

Steve Carell and Channing Tatum star in this true life tale

Steve Carell and Channing Tatum star in this true life tale

Film: Foxcatcher
Release Date: 09/01/2015
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 3 out of 5Tside Rating: 3 out of 5Tside Rating: 3 out of 5Tside Rating: 3 out of 5Tside Rating: 3 out of 5

AWARDS season is well and truly in full swing with Bennett Miller’s Oscar nominated true life tale.

Set mostly in the 1980’s, Foxcatcher is the story of Olympic gold winning wrestler brothers Mark Schultz, played by Channing Tatum and David Schultz, played by Mark Ruffalo, and their subsequent relationship with multi-millionaire John du Pont.

Steve Carell plays du Pont, a secluded but determined heir to the du Pont family fortune in love with the sport of wrestling and obsessed with the idea of making America great again on the world stage.

The Shultz brothers are hired by du Pont to come to his vast 800 acre estate “Foxcatcher Farm” to help train US wrestling Olympians.

The film focuses primarily on the strange relationship between du Pont and both Schultz brothers, specifically Tatum’s Mark.

The obvious thing to say about the film is just how bleak the tone is coupled with a deliberately restrained pacing. With minimal music and few loud spectacle moments, Foxcatcher is a film that’s drama is to be found in the subtlety tense and edgy scenes between the talented trio of cast members dominating the films initial buzz.

Throughout Foxcatcher, several themes of American sport culture, sibling rivalry and family legacy are touched upon to provide the film with the depth required to elevate it above convention and mediocrity.

Carell gives an unnerving, spine-chilling and physically transformative performance, one that you certainly wouldn’t expect from the same man responsible for such films as Evan Almighty or The 40 year old virgin.

Ruffalo is equally as impressive, breathing loving warmth into every scene with his brooding family comes first style.

With Carell and Ruffalo both nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively at this years Oscars, they are naturally the ones garnering most attention for their roles and while they are both very impressive it’s Channing Tatum who cements the film together, treading a very careful line between a proud and edgy yet emotionally challenged, vulnerable man.

Despite impressive performances from its cast, a profoundly deep insight into American competitive sport and a remarkably well achieved pitch black tone, Foxcatcher does suffer from the results of its own ambitions.

The story of du Pont and the Shultz brothers is definitely an intriguing one but that doesn’t mean it will make for an endlessly entertaining film and will leave some viewers wanting in terms of spectacle and raw drama.

Without the very strong performances of its cast you might be left with a slightly dull film that may make you nod your head in appreciation at its strong realism and insightful dialogue but the loud spectacle moments that are necessary to keep your eyes transfixed on the screen are in short supply.

Despite this it still makes for interesting viewing and to find three performances that are so diverse, physical varied but equally as impressive is something that sets Foxcatcher away from just another mediocre drama yet a lack of discernible action stops it from being a great film.

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