Oasis – 20 Years Since The Release Of What’s The Story Morning Glory

Twenty years ago, Oasis first burst onto the music scene and to mark the occasion, deluxe editions of the band’s first albums are being released.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost two decades since the release of ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory‘ which is the follow-up to the bands hugely successful debut album ‘Definitely Maybe

But does it still stand the test of time?

There’s no denying that the album is filled with great songs from start to finish and many of the band’s most recognisable hits (now classics) still stand strong.  This was the bands second record filled with big gorgeous ballads instead of ripping rockers.

Different from ‘Definitely Maybe’ the whole album ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory‘ is varied enough to handle the different themes running throughout the album. There are keyboards, strings and harmonicas – this along with Noel’s vocals help give the melodies an emotion that he can’t convey lyrically.

20th ANNIVERSARY since Oasis' second album

20th ANNIVERSARY since Oasis’ second album

Wonderwall’ the 3rd track from the album, is by far a genuine classic. Its lyrics represents one of Noel’s most successful stories, with its three chord structure which should be praised and Noel’s craving for integrity and devotion.

Following ‘Wonderwall‘ ‘Don’t look back in Anger‘ came along, which sports one of the best choruses with Noel’s soaring vocals and catchy tune this made ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ the bands third best selling single in the UK.

What’s The Story Morning Glory‘ hit the top 10 across the world, making it no.1 in several countries and no.4 in the US.


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