National dress your pet day

National Dress Your Pet Day is the perfect day to celebrate your pets impeccable fashion sense.

Whether its a stylish knitted jumper or a designer hoodie there is a wide range of animal clothing online or in your nearest pet store.

National dress your pet day, 14th of January.

Wednesday 14th of January 2015.

NDYPD was founded in 2009 by leading pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviourist Colleen Paige, who said: “It is a fun way to promote the need for adoption, celebrate our beloved pets and to help support the pet retail businesses.”

Screenshot from twitter showing how much people are looking forward to the day.

Screenshot from twitter showing how much people are looking forward to the day.

Many people excited for the day took to social media to share what they thought about the day.

There can be some controversy over dressing pets and a lot of people disagree with it, saying it is undignified. Research shows that opinion is very mixed on this subject. Certain vets recommend it for cold weather and some vets disagree saying it could cause stress to your pet.

Demi Silcox, a student who regularly dresses her dog, said, “I feel if the dog is comfortable and happy to be dressed up then there is no harm.”

As well as cats and dogs getting dressed up, the most unlikely animals like guinea pigs can also get a new little outfit.

Vivienne Westwood priced at $5000.00

Vivienne Westwood priced at $5000.00

Famous designers like Vivienne Westwood have even decided to get on board with the trend, with a range of dog coats, collars and leads, which have become very popular online.

This trend has been going on for a long time and has been promoted by celebrities such as Paris Hilton with her tiny dogs, which are mainly used as accessories.

While most people would disagree with using animals as accessories and stuffing them into handbags, but certain vets recommend a nice little coat in the winter for small dogs.

Here is a range of images of various animals dressed in their best costumes/clothing:

Overall National Dress Your Pet Day will be celebrated by animal lovers across the country and hopefully some amazing pictures will be shared for all to see. Make sure to check the hashtag on twitter: #nationaldressyourpetday

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