Learn how to cook two international dishes

GOOD food is one of life’s great pleasures. Every country has its own delicious and traditional food, for example you can have the most delicious pizza in Italy and great fish & chips in Britain.

Susie Wang is an international student studying in Teesside University from China.  She invited her friend Eva  Mwambene who comes from Tanzania to exchange their own country’s special dishes with each other.

Susie prepared a traditional dish  from China named Shui Zhu Huoyu which is also called Boiled Fish


Shui Zhu Huoyu (Boiled Fish)

Eva  prepared a Tanzanian special dish Green Banana & Chicken.


Green Banana & Chicken

After about an hour the two dishes were ready.


Susie and Eva



Please click on  the video below to learn how to cook these delicious dishes:


from Tside