National dress your pet day

National Dress Your Pet Day is the perfect day to celebrate your pets impeccable fashion sense.

Whether its a stylish knitted jumper or a designer hoodie there is a wide range of animal clothing online or in your nearest pet store.

National dress your pet day, 14th of January.

Wednesday 14th of January 2015.

NDYPD was founded in 2009 by leading pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviourist Colleen Paige, who said: “It is a fun way to promote the need for adoption, celebrate our beloved pets and to help support the pet retail businesses.”

Screenshot from twitter showing how much people are looking forward to the day.

Screenshot from twitter showing how much people are looking forward to the day.

Many people excited for the day took to social media to share what they thought about the day.

There can be some controversy over dressing pets and a lot of people disagree with it, saying it is undignified. Research shows that opinion is very mixed on this subject. Certain vets recommend it for cold weather and some vets disagree saying it could cause stress to your pet.

Demi Silcox, a student who regularly dresses her dog, said, “I feel if the dog is comfortable and happy to be dressed up then there is no harm.”

As well as cats and dogs getting dressed up, the most unlikely animals like guinea pigs can also get a new little outfit.

Vivienne Westwood priced at $5000.00

Vivienne Westwood priced at $5000.00

Famous designers like Vivienne Westwood have even decided to get on board with the trend, with a range of dog coats, collars and leads, which have become very popular online.

This trend has been going on for a long time and has been promoted by celebrities such as Paris Hilton with her tiny dogs, which are mainly used as accessories.

While most people would disagree with using animals as accessories and stuffing them into handbags, but certain vets recommend a nice little coat in the winter for small dogs.

Here is a range of images of various animals dressed in their best costumes/clothing:

Overall National Dress Your Pet Day will be celebrated by animal lovers across the country and hopefully some amazing pictures will be shared for all to see. Make sure to check the hashtag on twitter: #nationaldressyourpetday

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Beyoncé visual album review

The past week has been riddled with rumours regarding a second surprise release from Beyoncé, after a series of alleged leaked images of her new album details appeared online.

Beyoncé released a surprise visual album at midnight on December 13th. The album, which included 14 new songs and 17 videos, was dropped via iTunes with no warning.

Beyonce's suprise visual album cover.

Beyonce’s suprise visual album cover.

The deluxe package of her solo visual album will feature the previously unveiled Flawless Remix featuring Nicki Minaj, as well as brand new collaborations with Kanye West, who features on Drunk in Love alongside Jay Z, a remix of Blow featuring Pharrell, who originally co-wrote the track, and a Standing on the Sun remix featuring Jamaican dancehall star Mr Vegas.

The speculation for the second album began on Twitter when a screenshot of “release confirmation” from Columbia Records and Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment was tweeted.

The visual album contains a lot of explicit music and features a host of well known celebs.

The last track on the album was dedicated to Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy. The angelic song expresses the indescribable love that she feels for her baby girl. The song closes with the three-year old’s giggles, while the video features the singer strolling the bright streets and sandy beaches of Brazil with Blue in her arms.

One of the most underrated songs on the album is Grown Woman, which includes short clips from the famous pop star’s childhood and footage of old Destiny’s Child dance routines. The song is upbeat and fits perfectly on the album.

After the album was released, it spread across all social media platforms and inspired other singers to create their own versions of Beyoncé’s music. Two Beyoncé super fans managed to mash together the full album into one. These two people are also famous on YouTube for being in an acapella group named Pentatonix. They also have their own channel called ‘Superfruit’ where they shared their version of Beyoncé’s album.

The video went viral and reached seven million views and was even shared on Beyonce’s Facebook page.

The pop star’s album went straight in at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, earning Beyoncé her fifth consecutive number-one album in the country. The record sold 828,773 copies worldwide in its first three days of availability, becoming the fastest-selling album in the history of the iTunes Store.

Overall her surprise album turned out to be a huge success and hopefully more details will be released soon about the rumoured sequel.




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Oasis – 20 Years Since The Release Of What’s The Story Morning Glory

Twenty years ago, Oasis first burst onto the music scene and to mark the occasion, deluxe editions of the band’s first albums are being released.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost two decades since the release of ‘What’s the Story Morning Glory‘ which is the follow-up to the bands hugely successful debut album ‘Definitely Maybe

But does it still stand the test of time?

There’s no denying that the album is filled with great songs from start to finish and many of the band’s most recognisable hits (now classics) still stand strong.  This was the bands second record filled with big gorgeous ballads instead of ripping rockers.

Different from ‘Definitely Maybe’ the whole album ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory‘ is varied enough to handle the different themes running throughout the album. There are keyboards, strings and harmonicas – this along with Noel’s vocals help give the melodies an emotion that he can’t convey lyrically.

20th ANNIVERSARY since Oasis' second album

20th ANNIVERSARY since Oasis’ second album

Wonderwall’ the 3rd track from the album, is by far a genuine classic. Its lyrics represents one of Noel’s most successful stories, with its three chord structure which should be praised and Noel’s craving for integrity and devotion.

Following ‘Wonderwall‘ ‘Don’t look back in Anger‘ came along, which sports one of the best choruses with Noel’s soaring vocals and catchy tune this made ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ the bands third best selling single in the UK.

What’s The Story Morning Glory‘ hit the top 10 across the world, making it no.1 in several countries and no.4 in the US.


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South Shields Winter Wonderland is huge success

South Shields was transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland complete with shimmering trees.

The ‘Winter Wonderland lighting‘ was based in the grounds of St Hilda’s Church garden and Tside Reporter Abigayle Osguthorpe reported on the event live on Twitter.



St Hilda's




polafr bear 2


local woman

santa lit up

hugging tree




beautfifully pen



santa sleigh

For more information on events in South Shields visit What’s on – South Tyneside Council’ . 

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Screw The Nut – An Interview With a Commando dad

FATHERS around the world, including Prince William, are turning to Commando Dad for helpful advice on how to tackle parenthood.

The Commando Dad training manual trilogy, which gives military-style advice to young fathers, has sold over 200,000 copies in 13 different countries.

Tside reporter Steve Peirson, interviewed author and Commando Dad, Neil Sinclair.


“I have an opinion on everything with relation to ‘dad’ – I don’t want to give my kids the impression that it’s okay to sit on the fence,” admits father-of-three Neil.

“In fact I think to be an active parent you have to have an opinion on everything. This shows your child that it’s okay to think differently to other people.”

Neil’s career to date has been exciting to say the least; he completed the ‘all arms commando course’ in Lympstone, and then served in the army with 59 independent squadron, the Royal Engineers, for six years.


“It was brilliant! I had six fantastic years in the army. It was something that I wanted to do from around the age of four – a real ambition of mine.”

He then went on to become a P.E Teacher, a PCSO with the Metropolitan Police, and then a childminder for three years, before becoming a stay at home dad.

Commando Dad - the survival guide

Commando Dad – the survival guide

It was during this latest role that Neil decided to put pen to paper and write the Commando Dad manuals.

He said:“I would have really liked to have had a training manual when I found out that I was going to be a dad for the first time.

“We first thought my wife was ill when she became pregnant. I remember going to the doctors and I wandered off to get a coffee and a sandwich, before hearing a tannoy message asking me to go back to the treatment room.

“I thought the worst and ran back to find my wife with the biggest smile on her face, saying “You’re going to be a dad”. I just burst into tears.

“It was a bit of a double whammy – my wife wasn’t ill and I was going to become a dad.”

Neil admits that first becoming a dad was a shock to the system, feeling like he was putting in 25-hour days, with few hours of sleep in between.

He said: “When I came up with the idea of writing the manuals, I was inspired by the ‘Basic Battle Drills’ hand-out, given to training soldiers. I didn’t know how to put my boots on properly, but that handout had step by step pictures and really helped me.



“When you’re in the army, you’re trained to such a high level that you can’t wait to get out and do the job that you have been trained for.

“When you’re a dad, you have nothing to fall back on – there’s no training to be a dad and it involves changing tactics constantly.

“Don’t get me wrong, a book isn’t going to take away the sleep deprivation, or the pressure that you feel when you’re responsible for a precious little life.

“It’s more of a reference to dip into when you need it.”

Neil explained that he wrote the book in 10 weeks, though he adds it was shaped by years of experience.

He said; “My goal is to empower dads to be better, not to suffocate them with information.

“Everyone I told about the book said that they wished that I had written it 15 years ago. I still get that response, even from grandparents.”



The books are available worldwide including such countries as Denmark, America, Spain, Croatia, UK, and South Korea.

Neil laughs: “The South Koreans love Commando Dad.”

Meanwhile Neil’s advice for new dads includes:

. Be really present, not just physically but switch your head into being a parent.

. Make sure that you take the first two weeks of your paternity leave, and just spend time with your new family.

. Be uncontactable and just spend your time with your baby trooper and your commanding officer (your partner).

. Make sure that you’re in control of the situation; when family want to come and visit tell them to ring you first, so that you can organise the visit.

Neil added: “I absolutely love being a dad, even though it is definitely the most challenging and demanding of jobs. When I get interviewed, I get asked about my commando career but the most physically demanding job I have done is being a dad.”

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4 Designers: Post from Tees bit on the side

IMG_20150223_135409980 (1) IMG_20150223_11563818418 of us are currently in London. Today we’re at the 4 Designers Conference experiencing the wisdom of Alan Dyes (NB), Dave Palmer (Love), Bruno Maag (Dalton Maag Typefoundry) and a wonderfully whimsical and insightful talk from Phil Carter (Carter Wong).

A range of subjects have been covered including inspiration; how to approach agencies; what to say (and what not to say); the importance of drawing, looking and observing; and why Helvetica is not a modernist typeface.


from Tees bit on the side

Top Mark: Post from Tees bit on the side

On Friday we got the low down on great logos, the idiosyncrasies of identities and the meaning of marvellous marks, as our latest guest lecture by Mark Sinclair, Deputy Editor of Creative Review, gave us a first-hand insight into some of the findings of his excellent new book, TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos. Following that, Mark spent some time with our Final Year students in a Q&A session, where they were able to delve deeper into Mark’s extensive knowledge of the design industry. Many thanks again to Mark from all in Graphic Design.

Mark Sinclair 2

Mark Sinclair 3


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Report: Leeds deny Boro chance to extend lead at the top

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VITAL GAME: Middlesbrough and Leeds prepare for kick off in what was an eventful game for both teams


Middlesbrough fell to their first loss at the Riverside Stadium for the first time since August in a 1-0 defeat to fierce rivals Leeds United.

A goal from Alex Mowatt inside the first three minutes secured all three points for Leeds and moved them up to 11th place.

Middlesbrough were left frustrated as their 90 minute onslaught, totaling 27 shots, was thwarted at every opportunity by keeper Marco Silvestri.

Leeds had opportunities to extend their lead but Middlesbrough will feel the points should of been theirs and they should be sitting at the top of the Championship.


Pre Match

This game was the early kick off in the day’s Championship figures which meant a win for Boro would see them go four points clear at the top of the table.

Leeds were on a good run of form going into the game winning four of the last five games, and they had only lost one of the last 12 games against Boro.

Middlesbrough were top of the table for a reason going into the game, unbeaten in nine Championship games and unbeaten at home since August.

In a busy month for Boro, seven games in 21 days, Karanka would be looking to keep his team fresh while also maintaining there lead at the top.

He made a total of six changes putting Tomas Mejias in goal for the suspended Dimi Konstantopoulos.

Kalas, Clayton, Reach, Adomah and Kike started at the expense of Fredericks, Forshaw, Bamford, Tomlin and Omeruo.


First Half

Middlesbrough came out the traps from the off and were keeping the ball, but a momentary lapse of concentration cost them dearly in terrible circumstances.

Mejias attempted throw was intercepted by Lewis Cook, he then teed up Mowatt (3′) who’s effort deflected off Ben Gibson and left the keeper rooted as the ball nestled into the bottom corner.

Minutes later, Grant Leadbitter presented Jelle Vossen with a glorious opportunity fooling everyone with a free kick that he stroked to the edge of the box. Vossen scuffed his shot on goal and the ball was cleared.

The Belgian was a threat all afternoon finding plenty of space playing in the number 10 role behind Kike.

Kike had an opportunity himself, bursting to the right, he had options inside but he elected to go alone and his shot was parried by Silvestri.

Vossen had to more attempts on goal on 20 minutes, a volley that Silvestri did well to save and a hooked effort that was rolling in only to be thwarted by Giuseppe Bellusci.

A Riverside crowd of over 25,000 were getting behind the team with a growing atmosphere that increased the more chances that Boro created.

But Silvestri continued to deflate the atmosphere, denying Kike’s looping effort and reacting well to Clayton’s drive from the edge of the box just after 40 minutes.

Just before the half time whistle, Sol Bamba got on the end of a corner but his header was flashed wide of Mejais right post.


Second Half

The second half began where the first half left off as Kike’s bending shot from the edge of the box was tipped wide by Silvestri.

Leeds responded with a chance of their own as Scott Wooton crashed a header off the bar from a free kick as the 2,690 strong Leeds section of the stand continued to sing loud and proud.

Kike was left frustrated again as he ran at the defence, opended up his body and shot but his effort was once again denied.

Albert Adomah was proved a constant threat on the right side showing good feet and making a lot of positive runs going forward.

But his crosses we not being met by the head or foot of a Boro player and the Riverside crowd were starting to get anxious just past the hour mark.

Kike was presented with a glorious opportunity, after some brilliant interchange between Adomah, Tomlin and the Spaniard, but a last ditch tackle from Sol Bamba denied him a 10th goal of the season.

Boro decided to go all out for the win bringing on Patrick Bamford and Lee Tomlin at the expense of Adam Reach and Emilio Nsue.

In response, Leeds were sticking 10 men behind the ball and putting their bodies in front of every effort. Relentless attack + committed defending = boiling frustration.

Rodolph Austin had a brilliant chance to double his teams lead but his tame effort went straight down Mejias throat but he still managed to make a mess of it!

Vossen clashed heads with Bellusci leaving the Belgian unconscious for several minutes and prompted a concerned reaction from players, the bench and the crowd.

He was then carried off by paramedics and Middlesbrough’s medical team in a neck brace to a standing ovation from most fans in the stadium. The seriousness of the injury is yet to be revealed.

Karanka had made of all his substitutes before Vossen’s injury leaving his team with 10 men just before the 90 minute mark.

Nine minutes were added on and Boro threw the kitchen sink at Leeds, winning several corners.

No clear cut chances were made in stoppage time and Middlesbrough and the boss will have felt distraught at an undeserved loss.

Lucky for them, Bournemouth also fell to defeat later in the afternoon meaning Boro only fell to second and are now two points off the top of the league.


Post Match

After the game, Aitor Karanka was not too despondent about the defeat but was instead looking ahead to the game on Tuesday.

He said: “We are still doing very well, everyone has worked hard and we have to keep going in the same way.

“I am not disappointed with our finishing because their keeper was brilliant. I don’t know how we didn’t score but their keeper was man of the match.

“The goal we conceded was disappointing because it should not have happened.

“It is the best thing now is that we have a game on Tuesday (against Bolton). It’s at home as well so it is a chance to bounce back from the defeat to day so it is the best thing.”


Team Line-ups

Middlesbrough (4-2-3-1): Mejias (GK); Nsue (Bamford 65′), Kalas, Gibson, Friend; Clayton, Leadbitter (C) (Forshaw 79′), Adomah, Vossen, Reach (Tomlin 60′); Kike

Leeds United (4-2-3-1): Silvestri (GK); Wooton, Bamba (C), Bellusci (Cooper 90+1), Taylor; Murphy, Austin; Byram, Cook, Mowatt; Morison

Unused subs (Middlesbrough): Ripley, Husband, Omeruo, Whitehead

Unused subs (Leeds United): Cani, Sharp, Berardi, Taylor, Sloth, Antenucci


Match Statistics

Goals: Middlesbrough 0 – 1 Leeds United

Possession: Middlesbrough 64% – 36% Leeds United

Shots (on target): Middlesbrough 27 (10) – 8 (3) Leeds United

Corners: Middlesbrough 18 – 3 Leeds United

Fouls: Middlesbrough 13 – 14 Leeds United

Yellow cards: Middlesbrough 1 (Forshaw 80′) – 3 (Bellusci 23′, Bamba 57′, Cooper 90+5′)

Referee: Andre Marriner

Attendance: 25,531


Player Ratings 0/10

Tside Man of the Match: Albert Adomah/Marco Silvestri

Tomas Mejias – 5 – Unconvincing, didn’t command his area and his mistake cost the team a goal

Emlio Nsue – 6 – Fairly solid at the back but proved yet again that it his not his best position

Tomas Kalas – 7 – Strong in challenges, read the ball well and didn’t let Morison have a chance

Ben Gibson – 6 – Composed on the ball but he will feel unlucky at the deflection that sent the ball in

George Friend – 7 – Strong at the back and was a threat going forward. Reliable George!

Adam Clayton – 6 – Was a rare poor performance from Clayton, often caught on the ball in the middle

Grant Leadbitter – 7 – Led the teams charge to get back into the game but fell short. Brought off to rest his legs

Albert Adomah – 8 – More of what we want to see from him. Positive runs, good crosses and a nightmare for Leeds

Jelle Vossen – 7 – Found a lot of space in No. 10 role but unfortunately brought off with a nasty looking injury

Adam Reach – 6 – He was a threat on the left but still needs to find the same form from earlier this season

Kike – 7 – He created a lot of chances for himself but failed again in finding the net

Subs: Bamford (6), Tomlin (6), Forshaw (n/a)

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Learn how to cook two international dishes

GOOD food is one of life’s great pleasures. Every country has its own delicious and traditional food, for example you can have the most delicious pizza in Italy and great fish & chips in Britain.

Susie Wang is an international student studying in Teesside University from China.  She invited her friend Eva  Mwambene who comes from Tanzania to exchange their own country’s special dishes with each other.

Susie prepared a traditional dish  from China named Shui Zhu Huoyu which is also called Boiled Fish


Shui Zhu Huoyu (Boiled Fish)

Eva  prepared a Tanzanian special dish Green Banana & Chicken.


Green Banana & Chicken

After about an hour the two dishes were ready.


Susie and Eva



Please click on  the video below to learn how to cook these delicious dishes:


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