Tside meets Welsh rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen


Tside report Callum Thornhill meets Catfish and the Bottlemen frontman Van McCANN.


Welsh indie rock band Catfish & the Bottlemen are bringing their phenomenal live shows back to the UK.

Speaking exclusively to Tside report Callum Thornhill,  lead singer Van McCann explained that alongside the tours there are some “massive plans and this next album is going to be grand.”

These ‘massive plans’  include trips to Australia, to support the Kook,  and another trip to the USA.

Debut LP, The Balcony, has only just been released in America and was promoted by a recent performance on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman.’

The performance on The Letterman Show  is a huge  achievement considering the band  has relied mainly on fans spreading the word to gain exposure.

Van said: “We love all our fans, it’s friends telling friends, not industry force feeding cool kids.”

This word of mouth approach  led to Catfish and the Bottlemen selling out the full UK tour last year and this year’s April/May tour is going the same way.

Major cities such London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds have all sold out.

As with every band that gets a big break their popularity has led to a divided opinion of the group on social networks such as Twitter.

But Van said: “I’ve got nothing else to do so why not try and take life with both hands and make thousands happy?”

And one of these thousands will be his mum.

Van said: “I’ve never had money, but if it means I can buy my mum something nice every now and then, why not?”


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