Britain’s Got Talent comes to Middlesbrough

Producers from Britain’s Got Talent have been holding auditions in Middlesbrough for their new series which will be aired this spring.

The open auditions were held at Middlesbrough College in front of the show’s producers who were hoping to find fresh new talent in the local area.

Middlesbrough College is the venue for Britain’s Got Talent auditions.


Any of the acts that make it through this round will be sent to the televised judges auditions to perform for Simon Cowell and the rest of the judging panel.

Trevor Brewis, who helped organise  the event at Middlesbrough College, said: “We are hoping that next year they will come back to us and ask to hold the next round with Simon Cowell here as we have the facilities to do this.

Middlesbrough’s Britain’s Got Talent Hopefuls could end up in front of Simon Cowell.


“The producers needed somewhere where they would get a response immediately and as  we have up to ten thousand students coming here they assumed that some of the students would get involved.”

Around 50 acts were expected to have taken part at the event on January 15 with auditions lasting only five minutes.

Mr Brewis is  hoping the auditions it will give the nation a more positive perception of Teesside.

Mr Brewis said: “I feel Middlesbrough gets slated by the press and all around the country  so it will be good exposure for those with talent to step forward.

“We have seen it on X Factor with James Arthur  and other acts  that Middlesbrough does have talent.”

The winning act of the show will receive a £250,000 cash prize and an opportunity to perform in front of the Royal Family  at the Royal Variety Performance.


By Tom Anderson and Jack Gaskarth

from Tside