Teesside students battle in the Independent’s national band comp

THREE TEESSIDE acts are battling it out in the Independent i Paper’s annual iSessions competition.

Self-titled Ed Brooking, Adrian Kwan of A2Z and Nathan Myers of Crimson Eye are strumming strings for votes, along with sixty-seven other acts from 19 universities nationwide.

The boys entered the competition in October, and have since entertained a crowd in the Student Union as well as voiced their brand around campus to give them the best possible chance.

Although competition is tough, hopes to enter the next and final round are not compromised.

Ed Brooking, a Television & Film student said: “I’m excited to hear the result.”

Ed and Nathan: in this together

Ed and Nathan: in this together

“If one of us gets to the final, we will all support whoever it may be.

“I’ve worked hard for a lot of years, so recognition is what I hope to draw from the competition.”

The acts entered with a diversity of experience; with Ed Brooking and A2Z being familiar with the game, and Crimson Eye a starry-eyed rookie duo.

Nathan Myers, a PGCE student said: “Lewis (my band mate) is my partner in crime.”

“We entered this competition on a whim, but we’re really enjoying it.

“It’s just a bonus that the final is based in Manchester; Manchester has a Taco Bell, we’d be excited about that.”

Voting is now live, and will close on the  January 4 2015.




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