Work Placements

Students are often reminded that work placements/work experience is an absolute must whilst they are studying. This makes it easier for them to get a graduate job because we have some awareness of what a workplace environment in which they would like to work in would be like, but also to give them some experience before we jump into a real job.

Almost everywhere is offering some sort of work placement these days because not only is it going to look good for their compa

work exp

Why is it important to have work experience?

ny, but also because companies are recognising the importance of experience in the field you are interested in before leaving university.

Within the course you are studying there is a designated careers advisor that students can go to with any questions about careers from; work placements, CV help, and graduate jobs. These people are specialising in the area of work that you are studying for. It is so important that you take a

dvantage of this free excellent help before it’s too late. It’s not too hard to book a meeting with the careers advisor for your specific course and ask for some guidance towards your future. It is encouraged to do some placement work or experience before you leave universtiy by tutors, but also employers. To read a bit moer about why it’s important click here

For Social Sciences and Law it is advised to speak to your tutors and to make enquires at your schools information desk.

For the Teesside Business School you can e-mail Victoria Johnson at

Also make the most of the universities resources and check out the c

areers service website here

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