TSIDE writer, Eleanor Welsh interviews globe trotter Evie Buckley, 20 from Middlesbrough, about her traveling and how it changed her life.

In 2013/2014 Evie took a gap year between college and university, she decided to travel to Thailand and Malawi.

During her travels she helped build a school and taught children in a village in Malawi.

Pupils of the school Evie taught and helped at.

Pupils of the school Evie taught and helped at.

“I wanted to travel because I’ve always been interested in other cultures. My mum used to take me on holidays when I was younger which I think made me wanna explore. Plus I don’t really like the cold…”She spent a month in each country with a mixture of helping others and exploring for herself. She learned about other cultures and taught them about our culture and way of life.

Evie booked her travels through a volunteering agency, she said she used travel blogs to figure out her best option.

“I decided what to do by looking at lots of travel blogs and on the Internet, they were helpful. I then decided to volunteer and then go through a company that organises the trip to save money and be safe.”

She said at first she had mixed emotions of excitement and being nervous but then it all went away and she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Evie- right, riding a trainee elephant

Evie- right, riding a trainee elephant

“The closer it got the more excited I got but the actual day of going I was really nervous but as soon as I got off the plane all my worries went and I just wanted to explore.”

She said she learned things from traveling and recommends it to everyone as it is a brilliant experience to meet new people and learn and teach each other things.

It has also helped her decide what she wants to do with her future, and how to work towards it in the best possible way.

“Travelling made me learn not to take things for granted and that I can do things on my own, it also helped me decide what I wanted to do at university and my career path.”

Although it was a daunting and expensive two months travelling, Evie returned home safe in the summer of 2014 full of stories and pictures from her travels. She is eager to return travelling, and is considering it for 2015.

from Tside