Teesside University Archers: A success story pursuing new targets

Archers from Teesside University are hoping to shoot themselves to success in their first competitive match.

Teesside University Archers is taking a team to the  North England Universities Archery League and Championships (NEUAL) for the very first time.

The Teesside team will be taking on student archers from Liverpool, York and Lancster.

Teesside Team Captain James Drew  picked the new team members for the club after completing three weeks of training for the beginners.


Team Captain James Drew

The starters will shoot in the NEUAL Novice Championship against other newbies.

2014 is the first year since the club’s foundation that they will be competing in the NEUAL.

And being part of the official league means the Teessiders will be able to show off their skills throughout the year.

James is hoping the team will  finish in the top half of the NEUAL .

He said: “The focus now is on producing top quality archers that can compete and maybe move on to something higher.”

Founded in 2012 by the Teesside students Alex Leech and Niall Haslett, the archery club turned out to be a real success story, becoming the biggest club at University in 2013/14.

With more than 70 members, the archery club managed to increase last year’s membership and proved that students are not only interested in the usual university sports like football or basketball.


Teesside University Archers team.

Teesside University will also host an archery match day as  part of NEUAL season.

It will be the first time that archers from another university officially compete at Teesside since the late 1970´s.

However, with the current venue being too small to host more than one match a year, the club has to further develop.

“We have outgrown the Brittan Building. It has been a great little venue to get it started, but with so many members we need to shoot in a bigger venue,” James said.

“The University has one, which is the Olympia building. We are trying to get the University on side to support our growth.”

The first match of the season will take place in Liverpool on November 15.

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Yes Please for Volun-Tees!

STUDENTS at Teesside University have been getting down and dirty mowing a meadow with Volun-tees.

VOLUNTEERS: Posing for a quick snap during the meadow clearing.

VOLUNTEERS: Posing for a quick snap during the meadow clearing.

Volun-Tees is a university programme based in Student Services, which provides access to volunteering opportunities in the community.

From mowing meadows on a rainy Wednesday afternoon with heavy equipment, to getting dust suits on and painting houses for community groups. You name it, they do it!

The volunteers recently worked with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust to help restore a wildflower meadow in Stockton. TVWT had high hopes that the clear up will attract visitors to Portrack Marsh Reserve and enable the flowers that grew there to flourish once more.

Joe Waistell, 22, student and volunteer at Volun-Tees said: “The day was surprisingly fun, and somewhat satisfying once the job was done. Clearing a patch of reeds was more tiring than it sounded.

“There was a sense of satisfaction that came from helping an organisation like the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust.

“Volun-tees has benefitted me by providing me with opportunities I perhaps wouldn’t have found of my own accord and it tailors the volunteering work to suit my needs, which is handy.”

Volun-Tees is Teesside Uni’s hidden gem, as a recent survey showed that quite a few students didn’t know it existed.

But as finding work experience and placements can be a grueling task, it is an essential service on offer for students – offering placements and opportunities to suit individual’s needs, availability and interests.

Transport for Make a Difference (M.A.D.) Days is even provided to get students from campus to the place they are volunteering, so all you have to do is sign up then show up!

Shaun Bennett, 21, studying Crime and Investigation, signed up for Volun-Tees recently. He said: “The website is pretty simple, so signing up only takes five minutes.

STUDENT: Shaun Bennett has recently signed up for Volun-Tees and is glad he done so.

STUDENT: Shaun Bennett has recently signed up for Volun-Tees and is glad he done so.

“I liked how I got to give my availabilityas I work most days and go to uni so my time is pretty restricted. Fortunately Volun-Tees works around that.

“I can’t wait to start looking into opportunities a bit more in depth; it will look good on my CV.”

Volun-Tees is always looking for fresh faces to join the forever expanding fleet of volunteers, and is always open to volunteering at new places.

If you would like to sign up then go to http://ift.tt/1wIsMUF to start your new journey helping the community.

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Girls For Gadget Event hosts its sixth successful year

girls for gadgets eventTEESSIDE University school of Computing host their annual Girls For Gadget Event in December for the sixth consecutive year.

This quirky event is designed to get girls excited and interested in using computers, with the aim of destroying the myth that computers are just for boys!

First held in December 2008, this event focuses in promoting Computer Science as a challenging career path. Up to 200 girls from local schools and colleges are invited to spend a day at University where they listen to guest speakers as well as take part in group workshops on Animation, Digital Music and Multimedia.

Eileen Brown, former IT Evangelist at Microsoft as well as other representatives from regional IT businesses regularly make an appearance as guest speakers.

Ahead of this years event, the school won Code Breaker prize at the BT Dynamite 14 Awards in October this year. This great news will only build to the success computing has achieved since 2008.

Alison Brown, Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer in Computing who first created this annual event said “The first Conference was a huge success. We got positive feedback so we aim to make it bigger and better every year!”.

The Girls for Gadgets Event will be held on the Thursday 18th December 2014.

girls for gadgets eventImages Courtesy of Teesside University


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Friday went all Sapient Nitro: Post from Tees bit on the side

Our third Free Range Friday was themed around a visit to our studios from top-notch international agency, Sapient Nitro. All graphic design students took part in the day which had on the menu, a Sapient Nitro themed half-day brief, a guest lecture by Design Manager, Anna Jehan, (above) and two Q&A sessions with TU graduate and Sapient Nitro designer, Jennifer Crewdson.  “Could any more have been packed in to the day” I hear you cry, well yes, yes it could, because a brief was also set by our good friends at Sapient Nitro for our Year 3 students, which will be critiqued by them at a later date.

Many thanks to Anna, Jennifer and the rest of the good folk at Sapient Nitro for a brilliant day.

Sapient lecture

Above: Sapient Nitro guest lecture

Sapient A4

A4 label A4 close 2

Sapient A4 -2

Brill A4

Sapient judging 2

Above: Anna and Jennifer judging the half day project, ‘Make boring, brilliant’, using only A4 paper.


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Six do’s and don’ts for student Football Managers

FOOTBALL MANAGER: 2015 edition of the PC game released this month.

FOOTBALL MANAGER: 2015 edition of the PC game released this month.

YOU ARE almost halfway through the university year. It started off calm but things have started to pick up; the 5000 word essay deadline is round the corner and the big exam is just two weeks away.

Determined to maintain your perfect attendance and good grades, all nights out have been postponed and the Netflix subscription has been cancelled.

Your willpower is standing strong but you know there is still one more object to overcome: Football Manager 2015.

Despite how many times you tell yourself ‘it won’t be like last year’ you will find yourself scouting West Africa for 2022′s Yaya Toure at 3AM.

With 1171 hours of virtual management under my belt since beginning university I have discovered a number of dos and don’ts when it comes to balancing the strains of studying and convincing the chairman you’re the right man to lead Hyde FC to the Premier League.

If your team is on a 12 game winless streak the last thing to do is spend hours experimenting with tactics in the hope of masterminding a scruffy 1-0 win. Take a break from the hot seat and take up some relaxing reading for your essay.

When you actually turn up to a lecture refrain from using your notebook as a tactic board. Taking up valuable learning time by setting out corner and free-kick routines is bound to lead to failure, even if it does help you topple the league leaders away from home.

The best way to resist playing the game is to, obviously, avoid using your computer. This may prove to be a problem when it comes to actually wanting (more like needing) to do work. To solve this use the library computers – be warned though, if you were to crack and end up downloading the game you will probably be kicked out.

AVOID: Taking down tactics in lectures

AVOID: Taking down tactics in lectures

Working in a group for an assessment can be difficult at the best of times – the last thing you want to be doing is arranging a team meeting to boost morale, because chances are you will lose the dressing room and be sacked in the morning.

Some of the more dedicated Football Manager addicts openly admit to donning a suit for the big occasions; cup finals, opening fixtures and even press conferences. If you’re already that far down the line these tips may be useless. However, turning the match day suit into interview/work experience attire can be the first step.

In the game you’re often pestered by the media, as journalists want to gather as much information as they can. The best way to handle them is to build up relationships to avoid bad press. You can relate this strategy with your lecturers because the last thing you want is to have them on your back – so avoid the storming out option at all costs.

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Young filmmaker’s work unveiled at museum

WORK OF ART: Paige filming outside the Imperial War Museum

WORK OF ART: Paige filming outside the Imperial War Museum

A TEESSIDE University filmmaker will have her work unveiled at the Imperial War Museum in the coming months.

Paige Howard, who graduates this year with a BA (Hons) Television and Film Production, is one of 35 whose films will be showcased after over 100 were submitted.

Inspired by her dad, the documentary highlights the vital role some soldiers have in capturing footage and photography in war zones.

“My dad was a soldier cameraman and photographer, filming and taking photographs often under demanding combat conditions” said Paige, of Catterick, North Yorkshire.

“He had a lot of archive footage from Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. I also interviewed two other soldiers doing the job along with an Army veteran.

NOMINEE: Paige's film has been shortlisted for an award

NOMINEE: Paige’s film has been shortlisted for an award

“Many people aren’t even aware that some soldiers have this role, which was my main motivation for making the film, to raise awareness of this vital job that soldiers do”.

While working on her documentary, Paige visited the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester, where she spotted a leaflet for the IWM film project.

She said: “I decided to submit my film and I was really shocked when IWM tweeted to say they’d received some great entries and included me in the tweet.”

Currently working in the production office of Emmerdale in the ITV studio based in Leeds, Paige added: “My current role invokes providing print and admin support to the production team.

“As well as ensuring the cast and crew have their scripts, call sheets, filming schedules and checking all of the necessary paperwork is distributed.”

Having travelled from Belgium, where she moved with her family, Paige says she knew Teesside was the place for her.

“I decided on Teesside because of the degree course. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew it was where I wanted to study,” she said.

“The degree was brilliant, as it provides a taste of everything involved in working in the media.”

Paige’s film Eye of the Viewfinder will be shown at an awards ceremony in December where her film has been shortlisted in the documentary category.

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Taekwondo team prepares for UK Open with Scottish success

Teesside University’s  Taekwondo team is ready to take on allcomers at the UK Open.

Five students represented Teesside in the Scottish Open tournament in Motherwell in September, with the team walking away with five medals, including a gold for Valentine Okpere.

Instructor Chris Black is happy with his students’ success as they competed alongside the North-East School of Taekwondo.

Chris said: “Leading into the biggest tournament of the year for us, the Scottish Championship this year was a great success.

“It was a very successful day and we dominated quite a few of the black belt divisions for the first time.

“It wasn’t just any medals as well, because we had few champions out of it which was an amazing achievement for us.”

Teesside University finished 13th  out of 27 schools in the tournament despite only five students competing at the event in September.

The team were one of two teams representing the North-East in the competition with the NEST (North-East School of Taekwondo) finishing fifth overall.

GOLDEN GLORY: The team show off the gold won in the Scottish Open as well as the trophy for the best new club in Teesside.

NEST, also ran by Chris, brought home 23 medals , including six gold medals from the 18 members involved.

The Scottish Open proved to be a huge success for the North-East Taekwondo fighters just before they compete in their last major tournament of 2014.

Chris is hoping to get as many students as he can to the UK Open so they can bring even more gold to Teesside and the rest of the North-East.

  Chris said: “The University will help us get a team there and have been very supportive.

“I’m hoping that we will generate all of the British champions and this event.

“With it being the last major event of the year, we want finish 2014 in style.”

The Taekwondo club was launched in Teesside last year in order to give people a chance to take part in the martial arts.

Ever since, the group has done very well in a number of Taekwondo tournaments.

In March, the club went to the English Open and returned to the university with 10 medals including two gold medals.

The club gained a lot of members in a short period of time and the numbers have doubled since last year.

In fact, the club won the award for the Teesside University Athletic Union Best New Club of the year 2013/14.

Chris is happy to see the membership of the club rise everyday.

Chris said: “I think we’re very good at being a team, rather than being a fight school if you will.

“We’re not here to fight and we’re there to learn about discipline and self-control.

“We’re getting invited to a lot of events and we’d like to host a couple of events of our own and bring them to Teesside.”

To find out more about the team, see the Facebook pages for the Teesside University Taekwondo team and the North-East School of Taekwondo.

You can also get in touch with Chris via emailing instructor@nest-tkd.com to learn about Taekwondo in Teesside.

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Teesside powerlifters get top training facilities

THE Teesside Barbarians Powerlifting team has recieved a huge boost to its training after access to new equipment.

The club has been given permission to use the Centuria South building for training which gives it access to greater equipment to help them perform at the highest quality.

Club chairman Andrew Richardson is pleased with this new development.

Andrew said: “We’re very grateful that the university has allowed us to train there.

“It has recognised that we needed this extra equipment.

“Where we’re training at the moment is good but this gives us extra space and the freedom to a lot more specific training.”

The Barbarians team were launched in January as founder Andrew wanted a club that would help him train for competitions.

PUMPING IRON: Andrew powers through a lift.

PUMPING IRON: Andrew powers through a lift.

The club membership grew quickly and was boosted by the Freshers Fair event in September.

Andrew, who studies Applied Sport Science, said that the fair helped greatly with getting the club noticed.

Andrew said: “The Freshers Fair helped well and we got a lot of advertisement out of it.

“A lot more people became aware and a lot more people signed up.

“We missed the fair last year having started in the middle of the year, so we didn’t quite have the stage to put ourselves out there.

“Despite that, we still got a good response at the time but this helped us build our membership even further.”

The Barbarians have also recieved help from other sports, as they planned to get all the clubs linked together.

They formed a partnership with the American Fooball team The Teesside Cougars to offer a discounted membership to joining both clubs, allowing those that join to get the best of both worlds.

Andrew has established quite a powerlifting career since taking part in the sport after getting injured playing rugby.

In 2013, he began competing in powerlifting in the under 18-19 category.

It didn’t take him long to make an impact as he was able to win the National powerlifting, European powerlifting and the World powerlifting tournaments in the under 90kg event.

He’s currently training to take part in the Irish National competition in February and the World competition in June where he is looking to try to break the squat world record in his age category.

Andrew said:  “This would be quite the accomplishment for me after the work I’ve put in this year.

“Last year I really struggled with the squat but this year I’ve busted my backside off for it.

“It’ll be great to have the chance to compete at a high level for it.”

Andrew also represented Ireland in the Four Nations against England, Scotland and Wales.

Hailing from Coleraine, Ireland, Andrew lifted a total of 607.5kg overall from the squat, bench press and deadlift events while representing his country.

And he’s hoping for more success in the future for him and the Barbarians.

To get involved in the Powerlfiting club, see the Teesside Barbarians Powerlifting Club Facebook page for more details.

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Women’s Rugby World Cup success inspires U20s star

THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: Joanna prepares to launch the battle while on England duty.

THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: Joanna prepares to launch the battle while on England duty.

ENGLAND’S women’s rugby World Cup success this summer was no doubt an inspiration for the nation. But one Teesside student is hoping to follow in the team’s footsteps and compete in a future event…

Joanna Brown has been playing rugby ever since she took part in the local women’s side coached by her dad.

It wasn’t long until her time playing for the North Women led to her being called up to the England Under-20s set up.

And Joanna’s been in love with the game ever since, despite a bit of reluctance at first!

Joanna said:  “I did it a bit when I was younger but my dad coached the local women’s side and he dragged me along.

“My sister was involved but she hated it. She asked me to switch so at least one of us could get involved so she could get out of it!”

“It wasn’t a choice and I never really liked it. I hated it when I started it, but it’s something that just clicked.

“When you learn that tackling isn’t scary it just clicks and tackling people becomes a lot more fun!

“You put your body on the line in rugby a lot more than in any other sport.”

Joanna kept up her rugby while studying Sports Therapy at Teesside University with the University team, which she now coaches.

She applied for the University’s Elite Athlete Scheme, which provides support in training and competition for its top sporting stars.

Joanna says she appreciates the support from others to take part in the scheme.

Joanna said: “I came to the open day and I mentioned that I was playing rugby to a few people in the university.

“One of the members at the gym suggested that I apply for the elite scheme and thought I’d get a lot out of it.

“I didn’t think I’d get in at the time, but I had a lot of encouragement from a number of people and here I am!

Joanna says the scheme has also helped her game not just because of the facilities and training it offers, but for getting the chance to work with our athletes in different sports.

She said: “Last year we were in the gym with the likes of swimmer Aimee Willmott and the boxer Louis Cunningham and I learned a lot. We’re all together and it’s nice to see how they focus on their sports.

“It’s more of a lifestyle wake-up call when I see how they cope with being at university and competing at high-level sports.”

KEEP ON RUNNING: Joanna gets past her opposition while playing for the England U20s.

KEEP ON RUNNING: Joanna gets past her opposition while playing for the England U20s.

She later joined the Darlington Mowden Park Sharks, playing alongside World Cup winners Tamara Taylor and England captain Katy McLean.

Joanna says she learns a lot from the experienced members of the team, who have both been in a number of World Cup finals for England before winning it this summer.

Joanna said: “Tamara and Katy are great when it comes to helping you out on the field.

“If you’re running a line and Katy doesn’t think it’s a great line she’ll take you to one side and say “Look this is the line you need to be hitting. Any advice if you ask they’ll help you along.”

Balancing her studies, working at the SU and playing the game she loves isn’t easy.

However, she says that the university has helped a lot with dealing with her busy schedule.

Joanna said: “There’s quite a lot of over-lapping but you get a lot of help on campus.

“It helps you organize your life around training because training at the university is very simple.

“You can just have your lectures here and you don’t have to drive miles to places like Darlington to train when you could just do it here with the university team.”

Joanna has been playing on an international level for the last few years, including playing at the 2013 Nations Cup and the World University Games.

Last season, she became a part of the England U20 squad and has even played against the likes of France.

Joanna described playing these teams as a pretty awesome experience.

Joanna said: “When you get a massive hit or a run against a team like France you’re like “Yeah. I got in a run against France!” which is a pretty good feeling!

“We got pretty thrashed in the game, but to play against girls that I’ve seen on TV playing for the U20s is quite cool.

England had a tremendous World Cup campaign, having made the final in August while favourites New Zeland were knocked out atthe group stages.

They beat Canada 21-9 at the final to end a run of three straight final defeats and bring the World Cup back to England.

Joanna says the win will inspire other women to get involved in the sport and for existing players to push themselves to perhaps emulate the team in the future.

Joanna said: “A lot of them still have never really took part in rugby before but as soon as I can show them clips of the World Cup and say “Look, you’ve got players from a couple of miles away that just won the World Cup” it does help.

“It makes a lot of the players already in the game think, “You know what? I’m not actually that far away,” and that’s a good motivator for them.

“We think there’s going to be a good legacy coming from the World Cup win. We did well and hopefully more girls will get involved.”

With teammates at Darlington, Tamara and Katy, coming home with medals, Joanna hopes to follow in their footsteps.

Joanna is hoping to soon break into the first team and play some of the best players in the world.

Joanna said:  “I’m hoping to be pushing on the England door and be a prominent part in the set-up. If I keep improving at the rate I am, I think there’s a good chance of me one day being at the World Cup.”

“I’m practically in touching distance of getting into the team, and it’ll be a major boost for me!”

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Teesside app to be launched for Apple

APPLE LAUNCH: Randomizer is ready to launch to the technology giants

APPLE LAUNCH: Randomizer is ready to launch to the technology giants

“Where do you fancy going tonight?” Erm, I’m not sure, you pick” We have all been pestered with this question.

Now Teesside University student Dominic Waterson is working on the solution to everyone’s dwindling social life.

This comes in the form of Randomize; an app soon to appear in the Apple Store, which removes indecision from your life in three simple steps.

“You tell the app how far you’re willing to travel, the type of place you want to go and then click the Randomizer button,” explained Dominic.

“Randomizer is a person’s best friend when it comes to deciding where to go for a drink, something to eat and eventually many other activities.

“Further down the line we’re looking to add user reviews and even more features such as randomly choosing a drink based on the location.”

Dominic was one of eleven students who took part in a 12 week internship scheme over the summer.

They were joined by Dubai-based digital date specialists, Clicksco, for the Enterprise Internship programme where Randomizer was formed.

“The Clicksco experience was great, we started off in a small team of strangers and then tasked with creating a Minimal Viable Product,” said Dominic.

“Throughout the three months we had guest speakers coming in from Clicksco, Google and Yahoo, all giving us advice on the industry.

“I had the opportunity to impress the right people and now they’re incubating the Randomizer idea with me.”

Randomizer is about to launch to the Apple App Store and Dom says he owes a lot to Clicksco for the success.

Dominic said: “There are a lot of hurdles to pass, especially with this being my first app built for iOS but with the help from Clicksco I think that we will be featured.

“There is a growing nature of location based apps, making it a competitive space but we are taking a different approach.

“The innovative we have shown could help it gain traction and work its way up the App Store.” OK Cancel
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