Britpop legends Cast have affinity with Teesside

CAST: Britpop legends come to Middlesbrough Town Hall on December 10

CAST: Britpop legends come to Middlesbrough Town Hall on December 10

CAST frontman John Power has declared the Britpop legends have an ‘affinity’ with northern towns ahead of the bands performance at Middlesbrough Town Hall next month.

The Liverpool band is touring throughout December following the release of their four re-mastered critically acclaimed albums earlier this year.

Since returning from an eight-year-hiatus in 2010, Cast have played in Teesside three times and Power says the band is looking forward to the fourth.

“We have an affinity with the northern towns and cities,” says John, 47.

“We tend to always have great shows there and the Town Hall is a really great venue.

“We enjoy ourselves on stage and the crowd tend to as well.”

The band released the free-download single ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ earlier this month and it has been defined as a ‘classic Cast track’.

“I recorded that in the studio and it sounds great, so we will be doing some more new material,” says John.

“The track will be featured on the forth-coming album next year. It’s really catchy.

“When we’re on the road I will be throwing around ideas with the lads, so come January or February we will be recording new stuff.”

BABY BLUE EYES: New single free to download

BABY BLUE EYES: New single free to download

Next year will be the 20th anniversary since the debut album ‘All Change‘ and there is certainly a feel of nostalgia within the band.

“There really is an affinity now to play all those old tracks to a new audience,” says John.

“Whether the re-mastered versions have added to that I don’t know, but it has made us aware of our back catalogue in a present time.

“It’s quite a great feeling 20-years down the line playing these songs which are still so relevant.”

Since reuniting, the Merseyside band have released a fifth album ‘Troubled Tiimes’, but John admits times have dramatically changed since the early days.

“Twenty-years-ago it would have been unheard of releasing songs for free, but we’re quite happy to give our stuff away now,” says John.

“Now everyone is also filming everything. I remember if someone was filming a gig they’d be thrown out for bootlegging.

“When Walkaway starts everyone has their phone out but it used to be lighters? It’s the same now but it’s all electrical.”

John, who played bass in The La’s, has stated that a reunion for the 80s rock band could still be possible.

“I have made my love moan for The La’s. Whether a reunion could actually physically happen I suppose is down to Lee and whether he wants to do anything about it,” admits John.

“I would say nothing is impossible in this universe.”

Tickets for Cast at Middlesbrough Town Hall on December 10 are priced at £22 and are available from

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