Student braves cold and rainy night to raise awareness of the homeless


INTERVIEW: Reporter Lucy Moody interviewing Andy Preston and Anas El- Hamri

SLEEPING rough on the streets of Middlesbrough is a lifestyle for many.

So people from all backgrounds braved the cold wet night and slept rough at the Middlesbrough College campus by the docks to help.

The annual Big Tees Sleepout aims to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty in the local area.

Diane from Middlesbrough said: “I’ve raised nearly £100 so far.”

“I decided to take part in the big Tees Sleepout because of the Ex-British soldiers that are homeless.

“I always think about that because I have family in the Army.

“Ex-forces make up quite a big percentage of people that are homeless even though it’s getting better now, those poor lads are out on the streets.”



PARTICIPANTS: getting ready to sleep rough for one night

Steven, from Stockton, has experienced homelessness first hand.

He said: “I’ve lived in a hostel, then I worked in one, so I see homelessness every day and I just want to help.”

In one night Steven raised £130.



ORGANISERS: Andy Preston and Joanna Wake

I was one of the 160 brave souls to wrap up warm and bed down for a night out in the open.

Nothing could have prepared me for both the mental and physical challenge that lay ahead.

I joined the group of people at the college ready for my night out in the cold and wind.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement despite the rain that was falling.

Some of my fellow adventures had come well prepared with waterproof tarpaulins and a picnic supper.

However I wasn’t as well prepared…

I was determined to stop out so found myself a space on the ground surrounded by shivering campers all trying to find warmth from each other.

I certainly wouldn’t have made it through the night had I been on my own.

Here’s how my night went…


Following my sleepless night I spoke to ex solider Anas El- Harmi to find out how his night went…

It’s an event I would definitely recommend that everyone should experience once, I’d love to do it again but next time I hope the rain stays off and I’ll be better prepared.

If I see a homeless person on the street now I’ll be much more charitable.

If you would like to find out more about The Big Tees Sleepout, you can do so by visiting their website.

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