Teesside Student Interviews Vogue China Editor Angelica Cheung

A Teesside University student interviewed one of the most famous fashion magazine editor in the world –  Vogue China a chief in editor Angelica Cheung.

Vogue China Editor Angelica Cheung

Vogue China Editor Angelica Cheung

TV and Film student Coco Zhao quizzed the international fashionista in her office in Beijing while working for True North Productions in Leeds.

The Beijing-born final year student has been working on the collaborative YouTube channel China Icons with True North and the China International Communication Center in Beijing, to produce content that shows China’s sights, food and also interviews with icons.

Coco, 23, said: “Through lots of emails and lunch meetings with Angelica Cheung’s agent, I finally got the chance to set up the interview with the  Vogue China Editor.

“I was so nervous to interview her because not only is she one of the most powerful person in the Chinese fashion industry, but also my idol.”

Angelica Cheung, 48,  has been the editor in chief of Vogue China for ten years, with a readership of more than one million women.

Coco Zhao

Coco Zhao

Zhao added: “My favourite part of the whole interview has to be when she described how being a mother and teaching her eight-year-old daughter to be loving, positive and to pursue her dreams, changed what she wanted her readers to get from the magazine.

“She wanted her readers and herself to become the woman she hoped her daughter to be. She then refocused Vogue China to also be educational and help women grow.”

The hard-working Vogue editor produces 16 issues a year with four special collections issues on top of the monthly magazine to keep up with the demand for advertising.

Third year TV and Film Production Teesside student, Coco Zhao

Third year TV and Film Production Teesside student, Coco Zhao

And Coco hopes that spending time with the inspirational fashion icon will help her reach her own goals.

“I have built my CV with a lot of work placements both international and local, which will help me stand out from other people,” she added.

“I want to be a camera operator, co-producer or director in the TV industry after I graduate next year.”

Coco Zhao got a placement earlier in her degree with True True North Productions in Leeds and has now been offered a paid internship working on the China Icons project.

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