Bowie producer to work with Teesside star

GENIUS: Alistair Sheerin supported The Enemy this summer (Credit: Richard David Blain)

GENIUS: Alistair Sheerin supported The Enemy this summer (Credit: Richard David Blain)

HEADLINE slot at the top club in your home town – check. Supporting a band with three top 10 albums across the country – check. Working in the studio with David Bowie’s producer and band mate – check.

Middlesbrough’s very own Alistair Sheerin is quickly developing the portfolio of every aspiring musician’s dream.

Just last year the 23-year-old had supported Miles Kane on several occasions and now the singer/songwriter is operating with New York City producer Mark Plati.

“My initial reaction was ‘wow, David Bowie’ as everyone’s would be,” said Alistair.

“Then I checked him out and I noticed he’d worked with the Cure, Fleetwood Mac and Prince.

“So I was excited at first but once I started working with him all of that went away.”

When Alistair and his manager first picked Mark up from the airport they instantly formed a bond over mutual interests.

He said: “We spoke a lot about musk that we both love. I was naming American artists which I really like. As soon as I mentioned Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen we hit it off straight away.

“So when we got talking it was as if we could agree on something without even discussing it.”

ACCOMPLISHED: Mark Plati in the studio

ACCOMPLISHED: Mark Plati in the studio

The acquisition of Mark Plati to Alistair’s ever-growing set-up is sure to offer a whole new realm of opportunities.

Speaking about whether plans have been made to visit the Big Apple, Alistair declared nothing has been set in stone.

“We are looking to but it’s not a case of just New York, more like wherever we end up,” said Alistair.

“Mark is the producer and he knows which studios work best for my sound so a lot of it relies on him.”

Alistair and his bandmates spent the summer supporting indie rockers The Enemy on a number of tour dates across the country.

The Enemy’s Tom Clarke once hailed the Eston born star as ‘a f**king genius’, and the frontman says he learned a lot from the Coventry band.

“It was a good experience – the buzz was great and the crowds were amazing,” said Alistair.

“Working with Tom was good and I think he is underrated as a songwriter.

“The way I see him work he is so fast paced – I could mention something and straight away he would get it.”

The latest track Have You Ever Been So Low has received praise after gaining airtime from BBC Introducing in York & North Yorkshire.

With 50 songs already recorded and around 20 still to go it seems the focus is set on producing more records.

Alistair said: “There is loads of stuff going on at the moment, such as a brand new track which was written not long ago which Mark produced and mixed.

“I’m just keeping it gradual and keeping the buzz going and see how it all goes.”

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