Volun-tees Guarantees Results


Volun-tees hard at work!

Volun-tees hard at work!

Volun-tees is looking for new students to get involved with helping the local community.

Teesside’s own volunteering programme Volun-tees, has helped many students find opportunities in the local area, giving them much needed experience and work-based skills.

The opportunities they provide for students are varied and can be tailored towards an individual’s course in order to help the volunteer gain invaluable experience in the field of their choice. Volunteering is highly regarded by potential employers .

Jenna Johnson,  a children’s development worker, and psychology graduate of Teesside University explained how volunteering during her time at university helped her start her career.

She said: “Whilst I was at university, I did a lot of volunteering in both primary and secondary schools and that helped enhance my C.V.  Rather than just learning from my university modules, I gained hands on experience through my volunteering.

“It enabled me to gain a lot of experience without feeling under pressure.  It was a safe environment to learn new skills, meet new people and build the confidence I needed for my future career after university.

“I think it’s great that the university has the Volun-tees programme in place.    If your lecturer tells you to go and gain experience, then there are many excellent opportunities on their database to choose from.   They are so helpful.

“Through volunteering with volun-tees, a student is able to record their hours of volunteering on the Volun-tees system so that no work will go unaccounted for and the hours of volunteering can win awards!”

For more details on how to get involved you can visit www.voluntees.co.uk

Up to date events and opportunities are also available via social media just follow @Voluntees on Twitter, Instagram or “Like” them on Facebook.

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