The Walking Dead Mid-season finale: “Too Far Gone” Review

Series Title: The Walking Dead – “Too Far Gone”
Publisher: AMC
Tside Rating: Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5Tside Rating: 5 out of 5


WHAT an incredible episode.

It may have been a frustrating wait to get to this point, but the end of the series finally brought a conclusion to the “Rick against the Governor” saga. The question that now remains, is at what cost?

The episode provided the perfect end to the group’s time inside the safety of a prison, as a number of variables fell into place which made it too chaotic and exposed to stay in. However, this couldn’t have been pulled off without a small number of events, which didn’t quite add up.

It all starts with the Governor’s speech to his group as he attempted to gain their support to overthrow the prison. During the speech, we learn that he managed to capture two of the main characters (Hershel and Michonne) who would help them to take the prison “as peacefully as possible.”

Once gaining their support, we are taken to a scene where Hershel attempts to talk to “Brian” alone about everybody living inside the prison together. “Brian” completely shoots the idea down and promises that nobody is going to hurt him. (I could sense that this was a lie, but I really hoped that I was wrong.)

The action slowly builds up to the point where the Governor arrives at the prison with hostages Hershel and Michonne and asks Rick to discuss handing the prison over. At this point, we have Rick on one side of a fence with his trusty pistol and the Governor on the other side with an army of 40 plus armed people and a tank!

The Governor on one side with guns, our main characters on the other with guns and Rick in the middle, we know that this is not going to end peacefully! At this point, you have no idea whether Rick will surrender the prison and live to fight another day or will call the Governor’s bluff and risk war.

Rick stands his ground at first, showing no sign of weakness and beckoning the Governor’s next move. At this point, “Brian” grabs Michonne’s sword and puts it within millimetres of Hershel’s neck. You could have cut the tension with that katana.

Rick’s last attempt to end the feud peacefully is with a speech from the heart, explaining that “it won’t be easy” but how everyone can come back from the past, be forgiven for their actions, pull together and be human again.

The trigger to set off the bloodbath was one that emotionally shocked me and left me devastated, even though I knew deep down that it was inevitable. The chilling whisper of the word “Liar” followed by a swift slice through human flesh left me shattered by the  loss of a much loved character as Hershel slumped onto his slide.

Rick reacts to Hershel's death.

Rick reacts to Hershel’s death.

At first I questioned why the Governor would have killed Hershel instead of his great nemesis Michonne but the heartless killer realised that Hershel’s death would have hit the group harder emotionally. Once one character was dead, you began to wonder how many more we were going to lose in this final battle.

The episode was difficult to follow after this as I was lost in the action somewhere between the tank smashing down the fence and Rick and the Governor’s fist fight to the death, as everybody scrambled about frantically, fighting to survive.

As each individual character fought in what would be the costliest of battles, more and more deaths became inevitable and more of the characters you had become attached to were lost in the fighting.

It was hard to tell how many of them had died and how many of them had truly escaped.

While Maggie, Glenn and several other survivors left safely through the use of an emergency escape vehicle (a school bus with blocked up windows), a severely beaten Rick and an emotionally scarred Carl escaped through the woods, leaving behind sanctuary once again and leaving viewers craving more.

All that we know for certain is that although the war with the Governor was brought to an end with one satisfying slice of a katana, each survivor’s individual battle was far from over.


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