Should Benefit Street come to Stockton?

dixon streetProducers of controversial reality TV show Benefits Street have turned their attention to Stockton – just weeks after sizing up locations in nearby town Middlesbrough.

The TV show that showcased the residents of James Turner Street; caused great debate amongst social media and throughout the UK due to the lack of motivation for the residents to get  jobs and to just “sponge” off the country and live on benefits.

Cameras from the Channel 4 show were caught filming for two days on Dixon Street, Stockton.

Stockton Council say the show could damage the area’s reputation. However many residents have a different outlook.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham said: “Like I’ve previously said, anyone who saw any of the first series will have seen how the programme makers aim to exploit people, their families and community and the problems and challenges they face – just to entertain other people.


“I think it will be largely negative”.

Nasser Din, a business developer currently building flats in the surrounding areas of Dixon Street had a lot to say on the topic.

“It’s degrading for the town for them to bring this here, it’s making a mockery of these people- most people are uneducated, suffering from low self esteem. This show will take this information- edit it- and make the residents of Stockton a laughing stock.

“If you look around Stockton, the buildings the heritage of this town, We’ve invested millions into developing this area; The Council are working hard to help the poverty stricken areas of this town, it’s just going to tear their efforts to the ground”.


However, the people of Stockton on tees do have a different view on the show coming to the area. Many residents are currently residing in the Job Centre and living off benefits; they feel that the show could bring jobs to the area and help to get people back to work.

Our reporter, Courtney Blakey took to the streets and spoke to the people of Stockton about what they really think of this “poverty porn” show coming to the area.


from Tside