Silver Lining Creations

Jessie Saint, a 21 year old student from Middlesbrough, has successfully turned her hobby into a business.

Jessie started creating head pieces and accessories in March last year, after a successful first attempt at creating her own headband led to requests from others.

Silver Lining Creations was then launched by Jessie with the aim of creating individual, one off accessories to make outfits stand out with an individual touch.

Jessie Saint modelling her work

Jessie Saint modelling her work

Each piece that Jessie creates and designs is original and personalised to each customer, with no two pieces being the same.

Jessie said: “I have always had an eye for fashion and through my university course and support from friends, I saw a chance at creating one of my dreams.”

Jessie, who is currently in her third year at Cleveland College of Art and Design, studying a degree in Entertainment and Designs Craft, creates a range of accessories; from headbands and crowns, to chokers and sunglasses, which are now also stocked in various shops within the area.

“I am lucky enough to have some of my work sold through Pretty Twisted in Middlesbrough, Kiwi and Freeder Vintage  in Guisborough,” said Jessie.

“I use quite a few social media sites to inspire me and to also sell my pieces.

“In particular I use Instagram to gain inspiration and ideas as a lot of designers post their images on there.”

Jessie Saint headpiece

Jessie Saint headpiece

Silver Lining Creations also has a range of bridal wear, after Jessie received several requests to create hairpieces for weddings.

Her creations have also been worn for many occasions all over the world – a Las Vegas Wedding, Australian Hairdressers, Tunisian Holiday and every day wear!

Jessie explained that she works in a different way to other designers, as she likes to meet with her client first to find out about their preferred styles, colours and themes.

“I try to not design too much – I  just gather all my ideas and work around me, and take it from there.”

Each piece is individually created with a touch of the customer’s personality added for that unique ‘limited edition’ style.

Silver Lining Creations was also recommended and requested at Durham’s first ever Fashion Week, and the model wearing Jessie’s piece won a competition.

Personalized Bouquet

Personalized Bouquet

Jessie combines her university work with Silver Lining Creations, and uses other students to promote her work.

A team of photographers, make-up and hair artists, graphic designers and Correy Bulmer, a fashion stylist from London, have all helped Jessie.

Working together as a team, they hope their shared opportunities will help them gain more experience and expand their portfolios.

Through word of mouth and social networking sites, Silver Lining Creations is gaining regular requests for headpieces and photo-shoots.

Jessie added: “I had no idea it would take off like it did and so quickly.”

Floral Head Ties

Floral Head Ties

Ultimately Jessie is hoping to have her own shop to sell her pieces, and hopes to expand her range to include belts, bags and shoes.

Visit Silver Lining Creations at

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Chris Benoit: The Double Murder-Suicide That Rocked Professional Wrestling


HOME OF A KILLER: The home of Chris Benoit and his family after the tragedy








SEVEN years ago, wrestler Chris Benoit’s double-murder and suicide rocked the sporting world.

The bodies of Benoit and his wife and son, were discovered by police in the afternoon of June 25th 2007.

Police claimed that former World Champion Benoit had strangled his wife Nancy suffocated his young son Daniel before taking his own life – days before he was due to compete in a WWE pay-per-view championship match.

The incident caused the WWE to immediately distance themselves from all association with Benoit, removing any merchandise connected to him – only recently airing footage of Chris on their newly released WWE Network service,  for the first time since the double-murder and suicide.

Thomas Robinson takes a look at the life of the wrestler, both  in and out of the ring.


CHRIS Benoit was born in Montreal on May 21st 1967, before moving to Edmonton, Alberta, where he grew up.

He wrestled around the world including Japan before making his way to the WWE in 2000. Benoit went on to win multiple championships in the WWE before winning the coveted World Heavyweight Championship in 2004.

A year later though, Benoit was hit hard by the death of close friend Eddie Guerrero, who had a history of drug abuse.

Benoit’s sister-in-law, Sandra Toffoloni, says Benoit was heavily affected by the loss of his close friend Eddie.

At the time she told PWTorch: “It was devastating  for Nancy but it was devastating for Chris on a whole other level.

“Eddie’s passing came after a long line of huge losses and Chris was in a state of perpetual bereavement.

“The final blow came when Sherri Martel passed away just a few days before everything happened and that devastated Nancy just as much as Eddie’s death had devastated Chris.”


CHAMPIONS: Benoit celebrating his title victory with close friend Eddie Guerrero

CHAMPIONS: Benoit celebrating his title victory with close friend Eddie Guerrero










James Robison, close friend of Benoit, claimed he received a phone call from the wrestler just four days before the incident, but didn’t get the impression that anything was wrong.

Robison told Maxim: “It was a typical conversation and there were no signs of trouble.

“So I was just completely shocked about what happened.

“There was nothing you could look back on that indicated he wanted to say goodbye.”

Benoit and his wife Nancy had a history of problems in their marriage, with Nancy filing for divorce in 2003 on the grounds of “cruel treatment” by Benoit.

Nancy went on to drop her complaint and the two went on to spend the next couple of years trying to fix up their marriage.

However, on June 22nd 2007, their marriage came to a fatal and brutal end at their home in Georgia.

Nancy’s body was found in the upstairs family room. She had wounds to her legs and wrists, suggesting there had been a struggle and she had been strangled with a cord. A bible was placed next to her bloodied head.

Daniel, who had been suffocated, was found lying on his on his bed with a bible also placed near his head.

Benoit went on to hang himself with a weight-machine cord.


A number of theories have emerged following his death about why this tragedy took place.

The biggest factor that was cited after his death was the high level of testosterone he had taken just a couple of days prior to the murders, that was found in his body.

Some research suggests that a certain level of testosterone intake could be a factor in Alzheimer’s and tests conducted by Julian Bailes of the Sports Legacy Institute showed that Benoit’s brain was so severely damaged it “resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient”.

The WWE became subject to huge criticism of its wellness drug and alcohol programme after steroids were also found in Benoit’s system.

The United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform requested that WWE turn over any material regarding its talent wellness policy.

Benoit’s mental stability had never really come into the question before in WWE; however Benoit was a wrestler well-known to receive a considerable amount of punishment to his head during matches.

Former wrestler Christopher Nowinski, who retired due to head injuries, believed that Benoit had been suffering from a number of repeated, untreated concussions during his wrestling career, which eventually caused Benoit to snap.

Nowinski told the New York Times: “Part of me hopes there was something wrong with his brain. The Chris Benoit I knew was always more concerned about everybody else’s well-being than his own.

“He was one of the only guys who would take a chair shot to the back of the head which is stupid.”

WIFE AND SON: Nancy and Daniel Benoit before their deaths


Following the killings, WWE publicly removed all links to Benoit however in January this year, they announced that the censorship of Benoit would be lifted when the WWE Network launched the following month.

It was the first time the WWE would show footage of Benoit uncensored since his death.

Stephanie McMahon, daughter of WWE Owner Vince, told PWTorch that it wouldn’t have been right to ignore the fact Benoit was once part of the company.

Stephanie said: “It’s not right to pretend he didn’t exist.

“It’s one thing to include him as part of a historical perspective, which I believe is okay, and it’s another thing to promote him, which is not okay.

“The situation is very similar to that of O.J. Simpson – despite his controversy, O.J. was still a part of the NFL scene and you can’t deny that he existed.”



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Nathan presents Peter with his Raknomination

Nathan presents Peter with his Raknomination

THERE’S a new craze that’s hitting the social media network; and I’m sure if you haven’t already tried it yourself, you’ve probably seen a friend, family member or even a total stranger downing a concoction of what can only be described as deadly.

From mixes of alcohol to urine to even four dead mice, people are taking to social networks to show their “masculinity” in the video challenge that is taking the world by storm; Neknominations.

Participants must choose their mix after being selected via a previous video and then ‘down’ the drink as fast as possible. Once the task is completed, the nominated must then put forward three more unsuspecting victims. Already claiming the lives of three men, and hospitalising many more, why are people continuing this vicious game of who can better who?

Nathan Robinson, a 22 year old self-confessed party animal says he was nominated by his friend, but instead of following in the footsteps of the foolish, Nathan decided to do something different.

Nathan said: “After reading in the paper that two blokes had died, I really didn’t want to risk it.

“I couldn’t stand there and not do anything – I’m stubborn! I’d been nominated, I had to do something”

What Nathan chose to do in his nomination not only shocked his friends, but his family also.

Instead of drinking his body weight in alcohol, Nathan decided he would do something to help someone in need. He called this a RakNomination (Random act of Kindness Nomination).

Nathan added: “There’s a guy who lives down the road from me and he’s just had a baby.

“I thought that instead of getting myself wasted and proving that I could down a drink, which anyone can do, I would do something to help him and his family.”

Nathan wanted to put the media frenzy to good use and took nappies and milk round to the 28-year-old father-of-two’s house.

Peter Jones, the new father, was stunned when he opened the door to find Nathan holding a bag of nappies.

Peter said: “I couldn’t believe what was in front of me, I’ve known Nathan for some time now, and I have regularly seen him around .

“I’ve seen these nominations online and thought they were stupid, I’ve also read about those three lads who have died from them. I don’t understand how people can be so stupid.

“It’s so heart-warming that people can take something so silly and use it for good. We really appreciate what Nathan has done; more than he will realise.”

Could you take something and change it for the better, do you feel like you could do something for someone less fortunate?

If so, let’s make RakNominations the new craze taking the world by storm.

People need help – allow them the chance to receive it and do something different

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Jennie’s Journey to Auschwitz

Jewish born history student Jennie Moss felt like she was travelling on a very personal journey during her latest university trip.

For the 20-year-old visited Krakow and Auschwitz concentration camps – places she had heard her family talking about many times.

Here Jenny reveals how she felt visiting these infamous destinations of horror.


Jenni Moss still at Auschwitz (2)

JENNIE: a journey I will never forget

BEING able to feel, touch and breathe the same environment as those who suffered the Holocaust was a hard-hitting experience for the second year history students, who spent three days exploring the grounds.

But for Jennie, who has Jewish roots which stem back to the times when the Krakow based camps were open, standing in earshot of the famous Auschwitz made her feel something else.

Jennie says: “I felt apprehensive.

“I’ve been here before, when I was fifteen but I was too immature to understand the scale of everything that happened in Auschwitz back then.

“I felt as if I needed to come back, I wanted to take everything in.”

Jennie, who was born in Leeds, says her family have always been passionate about keeping their Jewish heritage alive. As well as learning about her background at a Jewish primary school, Jennie has many memories of growing up as a Jewish child.

She said: “My mum used to light a candle for my great granddad every year.

“She told me that his mum put him on a boat (alone) when he was six years old.

“She told him to “survive” and that was it. His boat ended up in Ireland.”

Jennie says her background has played a part in where she is now; she believes that history needs to be told, and that it “should never be forgotten.”

08 group outside Auschwitz entrance (1) (680x1024)

HISTORY CLASS: never forgetting what happened

When in Poland, Jennie says she couldn’t believe how raw the sites look; as if everything was standing exactly as it was all those years ago.

Jennie said: “Nothing grows there. There’s no life; you can’t hear any traffic and birds don’t fly over.

“I took a big sweep of everything as soon as I got there; it’s as if the silence represents how horrific it used to be.”

Jennie, who is planning to write a dissertation on the Holocaust, explains how much easier it is to understand the subject when you are experiencing it first-hand.

“There is only so much you can get out of reading (academic) books,” she added.

“I feel so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to go. Books don’t give you that emotion.

“Mark, Martin and Matthew (my lecturers), organised the whole thing. They’ve been great.”

Jennie says her time in Krakow has taught her to let things go; and that life is too precious to complain about the little things.

She aded: “Whether you’re Jewish or not… it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t understand how people acted so heartlessly (in Auschwitz), I count my lucky stars now.

When asked to  recap her lasting impressions of Auschwitz, Jennie said: “I felt very emotional after leaving the camp, it was surreal. I just couldn’t believe these things really happened; it’s unjustified”.


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The Pole Fitness Craze Hits Teesside University

Pole Tees classes in the Student Union

Pole Tees classes in the Student Union

MOVE over Zumba – there’s a new and unique way to keep fit in town.

As a society, we are always looking for ways to keep fit and maintain our figures every year.

And Pole dancing seems to be the latest way to keep fit – with lots of women attracted to a great way to stay in shape that’s also a lot of fun.

It even made an appearance in the BAFTA winning The Only Way is Essex reality show, where cast members Sam, Billie, Gemma and Lucy all tried their hand at the now popularised Pole Fitness Class.

Teesside University has also jumped on the trend, with a Pole Tees society focusing on this form of exercising.

Founder of Pole Tees at Teesside University

Founder of Pole Tees at Teesside University

Stacey Warcup, 21, studying Web Design and Multimedia at Teesside University is one of the founders for Pole Tees.

She said: “I started taking pole fitness classes a year and a half ago in Sunderland.

“When I came back to Uni, I wanted to continue taking the classes but Teesside didn’t offer Pole Fitness classes, so me and my friends decided to start our own.”

Stacey explained that she had a few struggles at the start setting up the club and had to overcome the outdated stigma often attached to Pole dancing.

She added: “We struggled with founding an instructor, so we had no choice but to self-teach ourselves.

“I don’t really like exercise and was looking for a way to keep fit and enjoy it at the same time

“The club has been a great way for people to make friends, as everyone is really friendly.”

Gone are the days when Pole dancing is connected to the sleaziness of strip clubs.

Pole fitness has taken off as a more widely accepted form of exercise in recent years and is rapidly becoming a fun new way to get fit.

Pole Tees Society offers cardio vascular exercise, flexibility, coordination and posture in a fun way that is never boring for its members.

Memeber of Pole Tees Society

Memeber of Pole Tees Society

Sarah Flynn, 19, studying Food and Nutrition at Teesside University has been part of Pole Fitness society for six months and has seen a massive improvement in her body toning up thanks to the classes.

She said: “I found out about Pole Fitness at fresher’s week in my second year.

“I signed up because my friends and I were looking for a way to get fit and healthier.

“We chose to do pole fitness because it was a more fun way to keep in shape then going to the gym.”

Sarah explained that not only has the classes benefited her physically but also socially.

She added: “It’s a good way to meet new people, as the club offers a pumped up atmosphere that makes it easy to socialise.”

Pole Tees welcomes Teesside University students to its classes, both female and male are regulars to the classes. Group classes cost £15 per year and are held every Monday and Tuesday evening,  in the student union.

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Supporting Progression Conference: Post from Tees inside

On 19th March 2014, Teesside University hosted an event for careers advisors and art tutors from some of our key feeder institutions. The Supporting Progression Conference was to help in broadening understanding of courses on offer at Teesside, and to allow delegates to try out some of the things students might study once an Undergraduate here.

As part of our department, Interior Design, we offered a ‘textiles for interiors’ workshop, looking at trends and mood boards for interior spaces. Delegates used imagery, found objects and textiles to capture a mood; similar to the way an interior design student would analyse the interior design market and source ideas for their assignments.

What a great atmosphere! Everyone joined in with great spirit, and we hope experienced a little of what it may be like to be a design student in the interiors section.

Selecting items for the mood boards.

Selecting items for the mood boards.


A completed mood board.

A completed mood board.

'Rich florals' mood board.

‘Rich florals’ mood board.

'Modern Nature' mood board.

‘Modern Nature’ mood board.

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Tside Podcast: Elections Special

The latest Tside Podcast is available to download here.

This month’s edition features an interview with the new Students’ Union president Will Ridley. We raise a pint to Paddy with a profile of St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Teesside, and go on the crawl with Tees Takeover in Leeds.

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Middlesbrough 1 Queens Park Rangers 3: Dear-mi Konstantopoulos’ afternoon to forget

Boro 1 QPR 3

Boro 1 QPR 3

DIMI Konstantopoulos’ costly fresh-air shot handed Queens Park Rangers victory at The Riverside.

George Friend opened the scoring for Boro but the hosts hit-back just before half-time through Yossi Benayoun. Bobby Zamora and then Ravel Morrison put the gloss on a 3-1 victory.

Dean Whitehead took the captain’s armband on his return to the side, he deputised in place of stand-in skipper Grant Leadbitter.

QPR made six changes to the side that was hammered 3-0 in the week by Sheffield Wednesday. Gary O’Neil dropped to the bench on his return to his former stomping ground.

Dimi Konstantopolous was called upon very early, making a superb double-save. Joey Barton’s thunderbolt was parried to the feet of Tom Carroll, but the Greek got down to turn his rebound behind.

Boro looked to soak up the pressure and counter in the early exchanges. Jacob Butterfield stung the palms of Rob Green, in the QPR net after a quick counter-attack.

The hosts took the lead through an unlikely source – George Friend’s right foot. He bundled his way through a wall of challenges, found himself two yards out and trickled it home past Green.

It could have been argued that Friend’s goal got to his head when he rifled one from 30 yards out on the volley moments later, but it forced a smart save from Green.

On-loan West Ham wonderkid Ravel Morrison had Konstantopoulos at full stretch as QPR probed for a leveller.

Rangers did find the equaliser courtesy of Yossi Benayoun. Niko Kranjcar’s shot deflected off Kenneth Omeruo, the Israeli picked up the loose ball and fired past Konstantopoulos from three yards.

Half-time: Middlesbrough 1 Queens Park Rangers 1 – QPR had the lion share of possession but Boro had the majority of the chances.

Morrison played in Kranjcar moments before being brought off but Ben Gibson through himself in front of the ball and Boro survived.

Nate Chalobah tested the mits of Green midway through the second half, but the Chelsea loanee’s shot was straight into the chest of the QPR stopper.

Joey Barton was unsurprisingly at the epicentre of a 10 man melee, which started by Kei Kamara refusing to return the ball at a free kick. Morrison, Barton and Kamara were all booked as a result.

Boro nearly went back in front when Tomlin found Adomah in space down the right, the winger turned Yun Suk-Young but couldn’t find enough power in his left-foot to trouble Green.

Morrison had Konstantopoulos sprawling to cover his right-hand post when the under-21 international was afforded some space just outside the Boro box, his powerful shot went marginally wide.

Friend almost bagged a brace, but his sweetly struck volley crept just wide.

The ball went straight down the other end, Jozsef Varga played the ball back to Konstantopoulos who kicked thin air and presented Bobby Zamora with the easiest goal of his life.

Ravel Morrison then rounded things off for the visitors, with a well-struck shot from just inside the box with Konstantopoulos nowhere near reaching it.

Boro make the trip to Yorkshire rivals Huddersfield Town on Tuesday night. QPR entertain play-off chasing Wigan at Loftus Road in midweek.


Middlesbrough (4-2-3-1): Konstantopoulos; Varga, Gibson, Omeruo, Friend; Whitehead (c), Chalobah; Kamara (Ledesma 88′), Butterfield (Tomlin 63′), Adomah; Graham

Unused subs: Steele, Williams, Main, Morris, Atkinson

Goals: Friend (18′)

Queens Park Rangers (4-1-4-1): Green; Onuoha, Hill (c), Hughes, Suk-Young; Barton; Benayoun (O’Neil 76′), Carroll, Kranjcar (Hoilett 60′), Morrison; Keane (Zamora 63′)

Unused subs: Murphy, Simpson, Donaldson, Petrasso

Goals: Benayoun (45+1′), Zamora (90+2′), Morrison (90+5′)

Attendance: 15,075 (533 visitors)

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Guest Artist: Rosemary Spencer: Post from Perform@tees

Leeds based Dance for Deaf People specialist Rosemary Spencer visited our second years on Thursday providing insight into this area of dance facilitation.

Two things to take away:

– The deaf community frequently uses lights flashing on and off to get peoples attention

– Learning simple BSL for teaching is very useful to avoid confusion and not as hard as we might think!

For more info about Rosemary visit:

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