RAOUL MOAT: Shooting Spree

THE HUNT: Raoul Moat

THE HUNT: Raoul Moat

IN 2010 Raoul Moat triggered a massive manhunt in the North East of England after shooting three people.

The victims of his shootings were his ex partner Samantha Stobbart, her new boyfriend Chris Brown, who was killed and PC David Rathband who he blinded by shooting in the face.

Lynda Machane takes a look at the man behind the manhunt.


RAOUL Thomas Moat was born on the 17 June, 1973 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

He had a difficult childhood and was mostly brought up by his grandmother, because his mother was in and out of hospital due to her having a medical condition known as bipolar disorder.

After leaving school, Moat had various jobs including a panel beater, tree surgeon and bouncer.

Even from a younger age Moat showed a darker side, which spilled over in his letters to his then girlfriend Yvette Foreman, who lived in Rothbury.

Yvette describes Moat as a pleasant person, who she went on camping trips with when they were in their 20s, but that another side of him came through in his letters.

She told the BBC: “The only time I saw his dark side was in his letters. I remember he once talked about someone who was going to get done with a baseball bat.

“He was saying how he and his mates were going to take a bat to somebody because they’d fallen out with somebody.

“I never really paid it any attention, until now.”

Moat’s shooting spree that triggered the manhunt  took place just days after he was released from Durham prison, where he had been serving a sentence for assault.

After Moat was released, officers from the prison were concerned about his behaviour, particularly towards his ex partner and they informed the police.

According to an article in The Guardian, Moat had told officers in prison that his life wasn’t worth living anymore. He had received a phone call two days before being released from Samantha Stobbart, 22, telling him that their six year on off relationship was over.

Chillingly, according to a BBC article, Moat updated his Facebook statues to: “Just got out of jail, I’ve lost everything, my business, my property and to top it all off my lass has gone off with someone else.”

“Watch and see what happens.”

Moat was also a user of body building steroids, which can lead to aggressive behaviour and when detectives later discovered Raoul Moat’s dictaphone in the woods were he was hiding, it gave an insight into how he was feeling during those last days.

An angry Moat was reported to say: “For every piece of inaccurate information published, I will select a member of the public and kill them.”

A massive manhunt led police to the quiet village of Rothbury, where Moat was hiding in woods. Police tried to get Moat to surrender – at one time even former England footballer Paul Gascoigne turned up to try to get Moat to give up.

But none of the attempts worked and Moat died in the woods from gunshot wounds to the head. An inquest later ruled that Moat had committed suicide.

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