Tragedy in Breton’s family.

In September 2011, Ruth Ortiz told her husband, José Breton, that she wanted a divorce him and that she planned to stay living in Huelva with their two children, aged six and two.

The following month, José Breton went to Huelva to collect their children and take them to Córdoba to spend the weekend with him. But they never returned.

José Breton called the police to say that the children had disappeared while they were playing in a park, prompting a search for the two children.

The search failed to find them and then police discovered film footage of Jose Breton going into the park alone – he had lied.



José Breton is known as the “monster behind the mask”.

But before he was given that title, he was considered to generally be a happy husband and father.

His wife Ruth admits though that Breton had been reluctant to have children, adding that if she wanted kids, then she would be responsible for looking after them.

He was obsessive in his behaviour – not touching doorknobs, unable to sit on bus seats and making his friends wash their hands when they came to his house.

This behaviour spilled over into the way he was with his children, Ruth and Jose – always insisting they were neat and clean and showing few signs of affection towards them.

After he became unemployed, his behaviour got worse and he was increasingly chauvinistic and regularly humiliated his wife, which led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Following the disappearance of the children, his wife Ruth feared he had kidnapped the kids to get back at her and Breton was arrested and questioned. Throughout he continued with the line that he had lost Ruth and José.

It was almost a year later, in August 2012, that the children’s remains were found on a bonfire at a property belonging to his parents. It is believed that Breton drugged the children before killing them and setting their bodies on fire as a revenge attack on his wife.



Breton was sentenced to 40 years in prison after a long and high profile trial and became the most hated person in Spain, earning him the title of the monster behind the mask.

He was described as a meticulous,  male chauvinist, controller who manipulated people and was unable to control his emotions.


I just want to see my children buried” said mum Ruth. Today she is still waiting.


from Tside