The Pole Fitness Craze Hits Teesside University

Pole Tees classes in the Student Union

Pole Tees classes in the Student Union

MOVE over Zumba – there’s a new and unique way to keep fit in town.

As a society, we are always looking for ways to keep fit and maintain our figures every year.

And Pole dancing seems to be the latest way to keep fit – with lots of women attracted to a great way to stay in shape that’s also a lot of fun.

It even made an appearance in the BAFTA winning The Only Way is Essex reality show, where cast members Sam, Billie, Gemma and Lucy all tried their hand at the now popularised Pole Fitness Class.

Teesside University has also jumped on the trend, with a Pole Tees society focusing on this form of exercising.

Founder of Pole Tees at Teesside University

Founder of Pole Tees at Teesside University

Stacey Warcup, 21, studying Web Design and Multimedia at Teesside University is one of the founders for Pole Tees.

She said: “I started taking pole fitness classes a year and a half ago in Sunderland.

“When I came back to Uni, I wanted to continue taking the classes but Teesside didn’t offer Pole Fitness classes, so me and my friends decided to start our own.”

Stacey explained that she had a few struggles at the start setting up the club and had to overcome the outdated stigma often attached to Pole dancing.

She added: “We struggled with founding an instructor, so we had no choice but to self-teach ourselves.

“I don’t really like exercise and was looking for a way to keep fit and enjoy it at the same time

“The club has been a great way for people to make friends, as everyone is really friendly.”

Gone are the days when Pole dancing is connected to the sleaziness of strip clubs.

Pole fitness has taken off as a more widely accepted form of exercise in recent years and is rapidly becoming a fun new way to get fit.

Pole Tees Society offers cardio vascular exercise, flexibility, coordination and posture in a fun way that is never boring for its members.

Memeber of Pole Tees Society

Memeber of Pole Tees Society

Sarah Flynn, 19, studying Food and Nutrition at Teesside University has been part of Pole Fitness society for six months and has seen a massive improvement in her body toning up thanks to the classes.

She said: “I found out about Pole Fitness at fresher’s week in my second year.

“I signed up because my friends and I were looking for a way to get fit and healthier.

“We chose to do pole fitness because it was a more fun way to keep in shape then going to the gym.”

Sarah explained that not only has the classes benefited her physically but also socially.

She added: “It’s a good way to meet new people, as the club offers a pumped up atmosphere that makes it easy to socialise.”

Pole Tees welcomes Teesside University students to its classes, both female and male are regulars to the classes. Group classes cost £15 per year and are held every Monday and Tuesday evening,  in the student union.

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