Lunch bites Stateside: Post from Tees bit on the side

imageLunchbreak in NYC. So far we’ve heard from Chloe Gottlieb, interactive/experience designer R/GA (ex Razorfish) and Stephen Doyle, Doyle Partners. Teeser’s choice cuts from the conference so far:

Chloe Gottlieb

If we can design something should we do it? Is it useful to people?

Design is not just about form and function but must have personality.

People now expect interaction… (Telling the story of a child approaching a traditional poster and trying to tap it)

Stephen Doyle

Bring everything to the table… Your energy, passions and idiosyncracies are the key to a happy and fulfilled life as a designer.

Paths with turns in are much more fun than straight ones.

Thinking with your fingers.

I love making type out of none-computery things.

Design must be human.

from Tees bit on the side