A blog is for life, not just for fun

A TEESSIDE woman has become a top lifestyle blogger with her Lifestyle site milkbubbletea.

BECKY HENDY: blogger of milkbubbletea

BECKY HENDY: blogger of milkbubbletea

Becky Hendry, from Ingleby, has been hailed by industry insiders as one to watch after winning Company Magazine’s ’best use of photography’ at the Style Blogger Awards last year.

Now the fashionista has a regular audience of 13,000 readers.

Becky Hendy 23, said: “I originally started blogging to share my photographs with people.

“I discovered an entire online community of girls my age who share a passion for pretty photographs, shopping and make-up.”

With a knack for photography, Becky displays an array of beautiful pictures which give her readers an insight into her life.

MILKBUBBLETEA: Becky's new Dachshund pup, Oscar

MILKBUBBLETEA: Becky’s new Dachshund pup, Oscar

Her posts include what she’s recently bought, delicious recipes she’s tried out and little bits and bobs about her everyday life, including pictures of her adorable dogs.

Becky said: “I think social media is the key to getting you and your blog out there.

“Share your blog posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as it’s a good way to engage with other bloggers too.

“I find it a little crazy that people love my photographs and little snippets into my life and wardrobe that they care enough to follow me and leave such lovely comments on a daily basis.”

MILKBUBBLETEA: what Becky's recently purchased

MILKBUBBLETEA: what Becky’s recently purchased

With a huge fan base and a growing love for what she does, it would seem that Becky’s career as a lifestyle blogger has plenty of room to still grow.

She added: “As for the future, I think I’ll continue to blog, as long as I still enjoy it.

“It’s a fun hobby, with a lovely community and some amazing opportunities and little perks along the way.”

To see more of Becky’s lovely posts, visit her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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