Research Policy

The ‘COVID Decade’ (?)

Many of you will be interested in the British Academy’s recent report, ‘The COVID Decade: Understanding the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19‘.

As Professor Sir David Nadine (President of the British Academy) notes in its foreword, “[t]he pandemic affected everyone and everything at once: our relationships with each other and with the people of other countries; our economic organisation and our social interactions; our understanding of the value of life and health, of our interconnectedness, and of the fragility of our natural world”.

These and a great many other issues are addressed across the report’s four main sections: Understanding the long-term societal impacts of COVID-19; Health and Wellbeing; Communities, Culture and Belonging; and Knowledge, Employment and Skills.

The report concludes by identifying the following nine areas of long-term impact of COVID-19: Increased importance of local communities; Low and unstable levels of trust; Widening geographic inequalities; Exacerbated structural inequalities; Worsened health outcomes and growing health inequalities; Greater awareness of the importance of mental health; Pressure on revenue streams across the economy; Rising unemployment and changing labour markets; and Renewed awareness of education and skills.