Research Mentoring

TU Mentoring Programme 

At Teesside University we define mentoring as a relationship facilitated and developed through a series of one-to-one meetings / discussions to support the mentee’s professional development. Researchers at Teesside can receive mentoring any element of Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework. 

Research Mentors and Mentees receive training and development as well as ongoing support during the mentoring relationship.  

If you would like to be matched with a mentor or if you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself, please complete the application on the Learning and Development Portal. HYPERLINK 

Finding an External Mentor 

Sometimes it may be more appropriate to find a mentor outside of the university. This might be because you are looking to develop a particular skill or gain some technical insight into a specialist area. It may also be because you have identified a role model who you would like to learn from. It might because you need an outsider perspective on your development. 

External mentoring relationships rely on networking and building trust. Before you contact your prospective mentor, there are some things you may need to consider first: 

1) Mentoring isn’t about solely about extracting information, it’s about initiating a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship. Think about what you can bring to a mentoring relationship. 

2) Mentoring requires mentees to work hard. To benefit from a mentoring relationship, you need to first try to articulate what you want to achieve. 

3) Consider what you expect from mentor and whether these expectations are realistic. Determine a specific timeframe for the mentoring relationship, this will support both of you in terms of focus and time allocation. 

4) Think deeply about who would be best placed to support you. Picking the right mentor is key. 

5) Think carefully about how to approach the mentor. Do you already know them? Would approaching them at an event be better than an email? Would it better to chat virtually a few times before deciding on establishing a mentoring relationship? 

6) Importantly, do not worry if the answer is no. People are busy and have other priorities and commitments; it isn’t any reflection on you. Mentoring takes time and effort on both sides, so remember that this is a considerable request. 


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