Research Career Management

The Researcher Development Framework was developed by researchers for researchers and maps out the skills, attributes and behaviours required of an effective researcher.  

Everyone’s research career is different and so one career pathway might require you focus and develop one area more than another. While ethics is essential for all, policy engagement might be particular to your area of work. Important to remember is that people rarely have identical career paths.  

To learn more about the framework and to support you in identifying your developmental needs, Vitae have developed an online tool to get you started. To access the tool, create a Vitae account using your University email.  


Professional Development for Researchers Online Course (Vitae) Research Career Resources (Vitae) Introduction to the RDF for Research Mangers (Vitae) Stories in Science: Postdoctoral Career Pathways (University of Dundee)
Career Advice ( Research Career Development (UKRI) Develop Your Research Career with Wellcome (Wellcome Trust) Interactive Career Framework (Medical Research Council)

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TU Training

Research Career Management This short course will furnish you with all the tools you need to plan your research career. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will discuss:

• the current policy context for research, including the Research Excellence Framework

• how Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework can support your career development

• how to identify and understand your developmental needs.

By the end of the workshop you will have a clear idea of what lies ahead in terms of a career in research and have developed a career plan. Go to our events calendar to book on this course.