Research Funding

Research funding is essential to delivering research that changes lives by providing researchers with the resources they need to undertake world-leading research. Funding enables researchers to:

  • Purchase equipment and consumables
  • Recruit participants and develop interventions
  • Establish new collaborations
  • Undertake innovative engagement and outreach activities
  • Develop prototypes, products, and artefacts
  • Build a research team
  • Buy out time for research
  • Cover institutional costs and facilities for research

To be successful in accessing research funding requires a thorough understanding of research and innovation policy, the priorities and strategies of different funders, the techniques of project planning and grant writing, and an understanding of collaborative and interdisciplinary research. Effective and optimised project delivery also ensures that funds are appropriately spent, and projects delivered on time.

To support finding funding and project delivery, we offer one-to-one support, training and development activities, as well as a suite of online tools, resources, and guidance so that you can enhance your research practice and advance your research ideas.

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