Research Informed Policy and Practice

Informing policy and practice involves engaging with a range of stakeholders and can be undertaken at local, national or international levels. It could involve actors from parliament, schools, charities, or international organisations. The focus could be on culture, energy, or social housing, to name just a few. 

Achieving impact in this space can be difficult and the process challenging, often dependent on the political climate, available resource, and institutional and regional capabilities. As such, a thoughtful and strategic approach is required that involves, directly or indirectly, key influences, decision makers, and beneficiaries. 


TU Policy Hub (Teesside University) Capabilities in Academic Policy Engagement (CAPE) Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) Areas of Research Interest (UK Government)
The Politics of Evidence Based Policymaking (Paul Cairney) Engagement Resources (UK Parliament) How to evidence and record policy impact (Cambridge University) Engaging with UK Government Areas of Research Interest (UPEN)

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