Middle Career Researcher ELEVATE Programme (8 Weeks)

The MCR Elevate Programme supports middle career researchers to take the next steps in their research career and address some of the common challenges faced by mid-career professionals. This intensive programme consists of sessions on research leadership, responsible research, collaborative working and partnerships, and identifying next steps for career progression.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • develop a vision and strategy for their programme of research
    • support the development of a responsible and innovative research culture
    • diversify their research portfolio, build research consortia and initiate international and interdisciplinary research collaborations.
    • build productive external collaborations with non-academic partners
    • understand team dynamics and how to support and develop others
    • develop and implement a research strategy

Fast-track programmes are intensive programmes that require time and dedication and are targeted at researchers within our nine research centres. Programmes consist of a mixture of online workshops, webinars, independent learning, and group work.

SUITABLE FOR: Middle Career Researchers

DURATION: 8 Weeks, 1-2 hours per week (plus 1-2 hours homework)


Week 1 of 8, The Research Landscape and the REF 1.5hrs 13/01/2022 1300 – 14:30
Week 2 of 8, Developing a Collaborative Project Part One 1.0hr 20/01/2022 1300 – 14:00
Week 3 of 8, Intellectual Leadership and Leadership Styles 1.5hrs 27/01/2022 1300 – 14:30
Week 4 of 8, Developing a Team Vision and Strategy 1.5hrs 03/02/2022 1300 – 14:30
Week 5 of 8, Diversifying Your Research Funding Portfolio 1.5hrs 10/02/2022 1300 – 14:30
Week 6 of 8, Developing a Collaborative Project Part One 1.0hr 24/02/2022 1300 – 14:00
Week 7 of 8, Supportive Research Cultures 1.5hrs 03/03/2022 1300 – 14:30
Week 8 of 8, Cohort Presentation Workshop 2.0hrs 10/03/2022 1300 – 15:00

In addition to the eight sessions, participants will be assigned preparation/tasks in between sessions (30-60 mins) and have the opportunity to book 1-2-1 Consultations on their personal development plan (30 mins).


Over the duration of this course, you will produce:

    • an outline for a collaborative bid
    • a personal development plan
    • a pledge to enhance research culture locally and within your discipline

Bookings will require approval from your Research Centre Director.


Bookings will close on 06th January 2022