Research Policy News, September 2020

UKRI data shows positive success rates in smaller HEIs Research Professional suggests smaller less research intensive universities have the same likelihood of winning of funding as those in research intensive institutions. Read the article here and book onto one of our research funding workshops. Regional Disparities in Research Funding Research Professional find little has changed … Continue reading “Research Policy News, September 2020”

Introducing the Government’s R&D Roadmap 2020

Following its budget promise to increase R&D spending to £22B by 2024/5 (and 2.4% of GDP by 2027) the UK Government launched its R&D Roadmap on 1st July, 2020. Light on detail, the roadmap, reaffirms the government’s longer-term spending commitments and sets out a list of development areas to realise its ambitions. Business led innovation … Continue reading “Introducing the Government’s R&D Roadmap 2020”