Postgraduate Research Conference – Teesside University

It’s September again! Hasn’t the summer flown. Goodbye to the glorious picnic weather, ice creams and air conditioning and hello to bitter winds and scarf weather. Well at least that’s the current climate in the GT office! But autumn also brings many positives, fresh starts and reinvigorated minds… Welcome back to all returning students, and hello to the new freshers!
September for the HumBugs started with the Postgraduate Research Conference at Teesside University. This day showcased the research from PhD students across the whole university, giving the chance for us all to come together, network, discuss our research and see what everyone else is doing whilst they hide away clicking on their keyboards.

The day consisted of poster and oral presentations. The poster presentations were displayed across two levels. The diverse array was astounding – from circus shows, to gait analysis, petroleum engineering and of course our favourite kind – biology. Libby and Rochelle had their posters on display, generating discussion and interest from observers. If you are an avid follow of the blog (and I don’t blame you!), you may recognise these posters from the Microbiology Society blog post from April. And, if you do not recognise them, then go ahead and read the blog post to find out more…











The eager HumBugs also took part in the oral presentations. These were school specific, covering Science, Engineering and Design. Results were the main focus of both presentations, displaying their research and hard work so far. Congratulations to Rochelle for winning one of the school prizes for best presentation! And of course to Libby for her confidence in answering the challenging questions always raised in this research area. Here they are doing their thaaaaaaang….











Until next time… HumBugs