Happy Birthday HumBugs!

Is it wrong to celebrate the one year anniversary of a blog? Not at all… especially if cake is involved! (See below)

Plus, to us this is not just a hobby or a way to pass time when we are in need of major procrastination. This is our way to communicate scientific research with the wider community whilst it is still hot off the press! If I say so myself, we have achieved a huge amount this year, and I would like to congratulate all of the research team. With high prospects in sight, the future is bright!

Coincidently, our one year ‘Blog- aversary’ co-insides with WORLD MICROBIOME DAY (#worldmicrobiomeday on twitter). So, what better way to celebrate than to showcase a lovely birthday cake modelled on microbiology! Sadly I cannot take credit for this marvellous creation, but doesn’t it look delicious.

HumBugs x